Vegan Christmas Gift Guide

All of the Christmas gifts in this guide with two mini Christmas trees.

AD. All these products were gifted but all views are my own.

With Christmas coming up around the corner, it is fair to say that this year is going to be an improvement on last year. Christmas last year was hard for a lot of families not seeing loved ones and carrying on loving traditions, hopefully this year can be better for everyone. Sometimes it can be so difficult to know what to buy ‘the person who has everything.’ If you are struggling to find that all important inspiration, then this Christmas gift guide is for you.

With the damage being done to the environment and planet choosing to be more sustainable has never been so important. This is why I am so excited to be sharing some fantastic vegan gift ideas suitable for everyone and every budget. These are beautiful gifts that do not compromise on quality or the environment – it’s a win-win!

Here Are Some Great Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones This Christmas:

1. Midnight Velvet Perfumes By Dolma Perfumes

Dolma Fragrances is an independent, small UK business that offers 100% vegan, cruelty-free fragrances for women and men. Their perfumes and colognes contain no palm oil, parabens or phthalates. All of their ingredients are sustainably and ethically sourced to make it is safe for the customer, animals and the environment.

Midnight Velvet is a new scent that is elegant and vintage. This perfume has fragrance notes: Saffron, Amberwood and Fir Resins. It is an elegant oriental woody scent with a resinous base with saffron and Tonka to give it some spice. I am not one for trying new perfumes without smelling them first, but I was intrigued by the description and I love it! It really is an elegant scent; I am looking forward to wearing it.

If like me you are unsure if a perfume is right for you, you can try their ‘Vegan Perfume Discovery Box Set’ which gives you all 12 women’s fragrances. This will help you to find your favourite.

A Dolma perfume called Midnight Velvet with pine cones and mini christmas trees in the background

2. Bamboo Straw, Toothbrush And Cutlery By Sea For Yourself Co.

Sea For Yourself Co is a business run by Coren that produces hand-crafted items out of bamboo. As bamboo is a natural sustainable material that rows incredibly fast, so it makes a great alternative to plastic. After experiencing first-hand the plastic pollution issue when travelling and visiting Bali. This is when Coren started her mission to offer reusable plastic alternative products.

The bamboo cutlery set comes with one fork, knife and a spoon, in a cotton carry pouch. The cutlery is perfect for daily life, camping or travelling. They are easy to carry in your bag, lunchbox or your car. You will be making a huge difference in no longer using single use plastic utensils.

The bamboo toothbrush is the best alternative to plastic toothbrushes, perfect for adults and children. These toothbrushes are compostable, so when you need to discard it, you know it will not harm the environment.

The bamboo straw set comes with a straw and wire cleaner in a cotton carrying bag with a drawstring closure. The cotton carrying bag comes in a range of designs that will keep your straw clean and safe in your bag. These straws make drinks on the go much easier.

I have been trying to reduce my plastic waste and these bamboo products are going to make t so much easier. These products are great quality and I am looking forward to carrying these in my bag rather than reaching for single use products. I love that 20p of every purchase is donated to 100 tonnes of plastic, a charity aiming to remove plastic waste from shores ad seas. Use these products and ‘Sea For Yourself’ the change you can make!

Bamboo fork, knife and spoon on a patterned cotton drawstring pouch. A bamboo straw, cleaner and a bamboo toothbrush. In the background is pine cones and two mini christmas trees

3. Santa Baby Candle By Imperial Candles

Imperial Candles was started in 2014 with an idea to create soy wax candles that had a piece of jewellery hidden inside. This idea is so unique; it makes a great gift for many occasions, or even to treat yourself. Not long after starting the company they introduced jewellery bath bombs. All the candles are made from natural soy wax, containing quality fragrances and 100% cotton wicks, completely vegan and cruelty-free. The jewellery that comes inside each candle can either be a ring, necklace or earrings that are worth between £10 and £2000!

Santa Baby is the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones. The candle has a scent of bright cherries, tart cranberries, creamy notes of French vanilla and a subtle hint of sultry cinnamon. This candle has a burn time of up to 120 hours.

I love this scent so much and it definitely puts me in the festive mood. I am so excited to burn this on the lead up to Christmas. I am excited to retrieve my jewellery hidden inside and see what gorgeous jewel I have been given. If you are wanting something sweet I highly recommend this scent. 

An imperial candle called Santa Baby with pine cones and mini christmas trees in the background

4. Medium Travel Pouch By Cesca

Cesca is a family-run business and extended family members make the team. The team seeks out the most sustainable materials to create colourful gifts that make an impression without leaving a horrible impression on the environment and the planet. They produce vegan office, travel and home accessories.

The medium zipped pouch bag with internal pocket and slots for credit or travel cards could be ideal as a clutch bag, for travelling or to keep your everyday bag organised. This pouch is available in 5 colours, so there is one to suit everyone.

This material is so soft and will make a great addition to my handbag. I have a lot of loose products in my handbag that I want to be organised. With having card slots inside it makes it the perfect clutch bag for a night out. The red colour is perfect for Christmas. If you have a traveller in your family, this would make the ideal gift.

A Cesca red travel pouch. In the background is pinecones, stars and two mini christmas trees

5. Comfort & Joy Collection By Handmade Dorset

Handmade Dorset is owned by Kuhla who has been a card maker for over 30 years. Kuhla is a mum of 4 and a Nanna to 7; she is a busy lady! She is a 3rd generation maker, but now two of her daughters have handmade businesses as well. As a trained artist, all designs are handmade making the products super unique. Each product is packaged in eco-friendly packaging. Kuhla is right in saying bespoke and quality doesn’t have to cost the earth. Handmade Dorset offers: cards, prints, stickers, washi tapes, notebooks, writing sets and kits, which are the perfect small business for all stationery lovers.

The Comfort & Joy Collection offers Christmas stationery. It comes with 5 beautiful Christmas cards, an A5 matching sticker sheet and a 10m roll off matching washi tape. Each product features gentle images in soft, muted tones of peach, sage green, powder blue with added pops of burgundy and brown.

The greeting cards are blank inside and come with recycled brown fleck envelopes and wrapped in biodegradable protective bag. Each card is made from 300gsm natural white matt recycled card. The sticker sheet is a large A5 sheet (21 cm x 14.5cm) that comes with 17 themed stickers that have a super smooth matte finish, which are perfect for crafting, planners and journaling.

The washi tape features cute festive graphics including a wreath, snow globe, ice skates, holly and more. The colours on the washi tape are sage green and deep peach. The tape is 15mm x 10m with a 35cm repeated pattern.

As you know from my blog and social media I am a huge stationery lover, so these are some beautiful products that are going to feature in my December bullet journal spread. Being a stationery lover you definitely look out for the better quality products, these did not disappoint. I am completely obsessed with the cards; I love the Christmas themed images Kuhla has designed, I am looking forward to sending these cards to loved ones. I love the colour scheme for this Christmas range. If you or a loved one loves all things stationery, then I recommend Handmade Dorset.

Handmade Dorset’s comfort and joy range. A sheet of christmas themed stickers, christmas cards and a christmas washi tape. In the background is pine cones, stars and two mini christmas trees

6. Ocean Recycled Wood Earrings By Paguro Upcycle 

Paguro is owned by Yen. Yen had always been interested in fashion, but disliked the amount of fast fashion she was seeing on the high street. Yen’s vision is to bring together a collection of the world’s finest upcycled products that focus on quality craftsmanship and contemporary design. Paguro collaborates with producers and designers who share our desire to create positive social and environmental change.

The name Paguro is Latin for Hermit Crab. A Paguro takes an empty shell and carries it for protection. It uses a natural product and puts it to good use. Paguro offers a collection of contemporary upcycled fashion and home accessories ethically produced from recycled and repurposed materials.

The Ocean Recycled Wood Gold Earrings are handmade using offcuts of teak, redwood or oak that is salvaged from furniture factories. These are lightweight with 24 carat gold plating. There is a matching necklace available. The maker was inspired by the beautiful blue of the sea and the rich sand of the beach.

These earrings are a great gift for jewellery lovers and these ocean themed earrings are a great gift for me as I live by the sea and love the beach. I am amazed at how pretty wooden earrings can be. They are not heavy which I think is important when wearing dangly style earrings. I love that I can now have sustainable and vegan earrings in my jewellery collection. They have a huge selection of vegan products you can choose from this Christmas.

Wooden gold earrings with blue waves in a circle in a box. In the background is pine cones and two mini christmas trees.

7. Vegan Notebook And Matching Tech Pouch By Got 2 Jot

Got 2 Jot is the fashion stationery brand started by a fellow stationery addict Sarah Sibley. Got 2 Jot are continuously always on the search for the latest designs and trends, sourcing and working with small British designers to bring a range to you that is different from the high street. For Christmas, they have a beautiful range of gift boxes including their vegan range, which has a gorgeous matching notebook and tech pouch.

The notebook is blue and orange made by British designers GoodeeHoo and vegan friendly. The notebook is on A5 size with a textured cover with a closing button. It has 100 sheets of 100gsm lined paper. The matching tech pouch is navy blue with orange interiors stitching and zip. The pouch is 26.3cm x 18.5cm x 1cm and suitable for a small iPad or tablet. The pouch has a main compartment with popper closure and one inner zip pocket. The tech pouch is made from Pu, so it is completely vegan and super soft.

This notebook and tech pouch gift set is a beautiful and elegant set for people who are stationery and tech lovers. Navy blue is one of my favourite colours, so I love this set a lot. I am also a fellow stationery addict, so Got 2 Jot is the perfect business to hunt for stationery themed gifts. The notebook is so soft so it will make writing much more comfortable as I hate hardback notebooks. I am looking forward to using this notebook as my personal journal in the new year.

A navy blue notebook and matching tech pouch with orange lining, made from vegan leather. In the background is pine cones, stars and two mini Christmas trees.

8. Family Magnesium For Sleep Set By The Ives

Trudy is the owner of The Ives which offers a unique magnesium sleep and anxiety oils for adults and children. Trudy started making sleep oil for her son at the start of the pandemic in 2020 as he was not a good sleeper and the pandemic made him more anxious this was when the dreamer magnesium sleep oil was born. After Trudy was made redundant at Christmas so she decided to set up her business to share her products with the world. All oils are natural made with magnesium known as nature’s Valium and essential oils of lavender ad chamomile.

The Ives has already been named 10th out of the top 21 mental health companies of 2021 by Techround. Also ‘dreamer’ has won an award from Mama & Baby Awards 2021 in the Mum’s Self-Care section. All glass bottles and packaging can be recycled. All of the adult sprays and rollers also contain frankincense oil which was also a gift from the 3 Wise men, so it is very nice to gift at Christmas.

The dropper calms and sleep family blend should be used within 1 yea. This is a massage oil for bedtime, creating bonding time and gives you the opportunity each evening to talk about their day and feelings. Having that opportunity to talk while massaging in the magnesium formula into their feet or their back. Helping your children get a restful night’s sleep. This magnesium oil includes lavender and chamomile for relaxation.

The sleep magnesium roller for adults should be used within 1 year. This is a 50ml with a rollerball feature which makes it simple and easy to apply. This is the same as the dropper but with stronger magnesium and essentials helping to promote good quality sleep. This product has magnesium chloride, frankincense, and lavender, English chamomile and patchouli. At bed time, you should apply to your calves, soles of your feet, tummy or back.

These oils smell amazing and I was so excited to use them, so I tried them that night. The scents are soothing and it really easy to apply them without any mess. Having chronic pain from my knee injury as well as Fibromyalgia means that sleep can be difficult. I am looking forward to using these products in my calming evening and night time routine. These are the perfect gifts for people who want to seep well.


9. Bright Spark Enzyme Oil By Wildefruit

Nicola created and launched Wildefruit all by herself last year and t is still all her own work. She trained in skincare formulation and spent over 1500 hours researching and developing the line. Her brand featured in Tatler and is stocked in numerous retailers.

All of the Wildefruit products are made with at least 50% upcycled ingredients and she uses wild harvested ingredients to further reduce the impact and to provide an income to small communities. Wildefruit products were developed to aid people with sensitive and blemish prone skin, so it is made using natural fruit oils and enzymes.

The bright spark enzyme oil helps to balance oily skin, reduce breakouts and soothe irritation to leave a bright and clear complexion. This British hempseed oil that is high in linoleic acid that soothes and balances oily skin. Enzymes from upcycled papaya seeds can reduce breakouts and brighten your skin. It also contains strawberry and blackcurrant seeds, upcycled from the production of jam and juice, which nourishes and supports the skin barrier, to aid in the reduction of inflammation. It will give your skin with a dewy glow.

This oil sounds perfect for my skin because recently I have had some horrible breakouts due to my Fibromyalgia. I am excited to start using this oil as part of my skincare routine, to improve my skin and improve my self-confidence. This product is completely vegan and sustainable which fits perfectly into my skincare products as I am in the process of changing all my skincare products to vegan and cruelty free.

Wildefruit enzyme oil and dropper next to pine cones and two mini christmas trees

10. Christmas Cracker Gifts By Q+A 

Q + A is a British brand which produces all of its products in Norfolk. They produce only clean, natural ingredients that are both vegan and sustainable. There are a range of products available on their website that suits different skin types and skin goals. For Christmas they brought out a range of Christmas Cracker Gifts that would make the perfect gift for skincare lovers.

The first cracker is ‘let It Glow’. It comes filled with their best-selling Hyaluronic Acid Face Serum and Hyaluronic acid Hydrated Cleanser. The duo set is perfect for the winter months when you need that extra hydration. The Hyaluronic Acid Cleanser helps to boost your skin’s moisturisation to stop your skin feeling tight r dry. The Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum will add huge moisturisation to your skin, with natural ingredients.

The second cracker is ‘Merry & Bright’. This cracker comes with two full-sized products. A Vitamin A, C, E warming gel mask and an activated charcoal face mask. This set will help give your skin that extra pampering it needs. The charcoal mask will draw out the impurities and those stubborn blackheads. The Vitamin A, C, E face mask is packed with super food ingredients and is deeply nourishing as well as moisturising.

The third cracker is ‘Festive Favourite’. This cracker comes with liquorice lip oil. It is an all-year-round essential that helps to boost your lip hydration which is key during winter months to avoid dry, chapped lips.

Having worked previously with Q + A, I love the products that I have used from their brand. However, apart from the lip oil and serum all these products are new to me, so I am really excited to try them all. I am most excited for the face masks. They are super affordable and make the switch to vegan skincare simple and easy. 

A Q+A liquorice lip oil and the box. In the background is a pink cracker, two stars and two mini christmas trees

A Q+A warming gel mask and an activated charcoal face mask. In the background is a blue cracker, pinecones, stars and two mini christmas trees.

A Q+A Hyaluronic Acid cleaner and face serum. In the background is a red cracker, pinecones, stars and two mini christmas trees

These are beautiful vegan Christmas gifts that you can give to your loved ones or even treat yourself at Christmas. These gifts are not only high quality but are not harming the planet or animas. These gifts show that you can share beautiful gifts without increasing your carbon footprint.

What is one of your favourite gifts from this post? I’d love to hear in the comments.


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  1. Some absolutely gorgeous treats, Lauren. My faves are St Ives sleep set, I’m a massive fan of essential oils and anything that helps me get to sleep in a natural way gets my vote! Also love the Ocean wood earrings, so pretty! x

  2. I love these gift ideas, thank you for sharing! I use vegan, cruelty free skincare for myself, I bet these will make beautiful gifts for friends and family as well. I especially love the toothbrushes! I had not ever seen those before. We always do a toothbrush in the kids stockings, I will be getting some of these for sure. Thaks again!

  3. Wow, this is a great collection of inspiration! It’s fab to see so many eco-conscious brands that don’t skip on the quality. I’m a sucker for jewellery so I’m just checking out Paguro now. Also, this made me realise I’d never once thought about my body sprays or perfumes and what they contain or how they’re made.

    Fab post, Lauren.

    Caz xx

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