How To Keep Amtico Clean

A bedroom with brown drawers and arm chair with Amtico luxury tiled flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is providing an unending level of satisfaction and security for homeowners who want a stylish look as well as a low maintenance lifestyle for their family nest.

Cleaning vinyl flooring is an easy and stress less exercise and does not require specialist chemicals to achieve it. Everybody has the nightmare of cleaning liquids, scrubbing sauces or other substances out of their carpet – sometimes having to place furniture or a rug on the embarrassing section to save embarrassment.

With the lowest price Amtico flooring, you have the easiest option in cleaning those stains. A dose of warm soapy water, sweeping or mopping on occasion and your floor is back how it was without excessive time scrubbing out harsh stains.


The first step to cleaning vinyl flooring is to sweep it with a household brush to ensure that loose debris is eliminated.

Fill a bucket with warm water and add 1 cup of white vinegar. The acidic mixture will add to the repair without any damage. Avoid using bleaches or alcohol on the floor as they both erode top layers on vinyl flooring.

Afterwards, clean the floor with a household mop that is sure to not be wringing wet with water. You want to clean the floor, not soak it.


Vinyl planks require a regular clean to retain their original installation look. If layering through a room that sees heavy amounts of foot traffic it could dull in appearance without proper care.

Sweep and vacuum the planks followed by mopping with a mild cleanser – but be sure to keep abrasive products off the floor due to their tendency to scratch the service. Be sure to wash any liquid soap you use with plain clean water and clean up after use so residue cannot form over time.

Too much water in the mop can cause some damage to planks, so remember to rinse thoroughly when using.

A bathroom with a dark grey free standing bath and floating grey drawers and a gold mirror with light brown flooring


Vinyl tile is much easier to maintain over real tile options as a sweep and vacuum over them followed by a mop will help retain the desired look. Being fully water-resistant is great when mopping but remember that tile is not WATERPROOF, so don’t let that water be on your surface too long.

The grout between tiles will require cleaning on occasion also with soft-bristled brushes and warm water to be able to get into those spaces and help it look amazing.

Amtico is a market-leading supplier with a history of reinforced products over their ranges – from Signature Wood to Spacia stone. The lowest price Amtico flooring has decades of satisfaction in providing care solutions for vinyl flooring.

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