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110 Positive Affirmations That Will Improve Your Mindset And Your Life

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There is so much value in appreciating yourself and what you have in your life. Affirmations and positive statements that you repeat to yourself throughout the day or write them in your journal can prove invaluable to maintaining a positive mindset.

When you practise positive affirmations regularly, you help to change your mindset and attitude to life. You learn to attract positivity and learn the art of manifestation. Manifestation is powerful and you can use these affirmations to create the life you desire. Your mind has so much power and can alter your whole outlook on life. I created a list of 110 positive self-affirmations that can lead to improving a positive mindset and a happier life.

Here Are 110 Positive Self-Affirmations That You Should Practise:

  1. ‘Today, I let go of anything that doesn’t add to my happiness or goals.’
  2. ‘I am allowed to say no to others and yes to myself.’
  3. ‘I am talented’
  4. ‘I am intelligent’
  5. ‘Every day, I am doing my best’
  6. ‘It is my power to create the life I desire and deserve’
  7. ‘The possibilities and opportunities I have are endless’
  8. ‘I am proud of who I am’
  9. ‘I forgive myself for mistakes I have made’
  10. ‘I am confident’
  11. ‘I am in control’
  12. ‘I forgive myself for having a bad day’
  13. ‘I am open to new beginnings in my life’
  14. ‘I have the ability to solve and overcome problems I face’
  15. ‘I have the ability to create positive change’
  16. ‘I have ideas that matter’
  17. ‘I am entitled to my feelings’
  18. ‘I am a kind and thoughtful person’
  19. ‘I am grateful for everyone and everything I have in my life’
  20. ‘I am entitled to and deserve self-care’
  21. ‘I have the determination to succeed’
  22. ‘I am good enough’
  23. ‘I accept the good things that happen to me’
  24. ‘I deserve to be happy’
  25. ‘I make peace with what I cannot control’
  26. ‘I choose to be happy every day’
  27. ‘The challenges I face help me to grow’
  28. ‘I believe in myself’
  29. ‘I am ready to earn’
  30. ‘Today is going to be a great day’
  31. ‘I accept who I am’
  32. ‘I am loved’
  33. ‘I am enough for my loved ones’
  34. ‘I am not a failure’
  35. ‘I respect myself and others’
  36. ‘I am doing a good job’
  37. ‘I am worthy of compliments I receive’
  38. ‘Everything is possible for me’
  39. ‘My life is a miracle and I belong here’
  40. ‘I like who I am and who I am becoming’
  41. ‘I have much self-worth and inner beauty’
  42. ‘I am stronger than I seem’
  43. ‘I feel complete’
  44. ‘I am worthy of happiness’
  45. ‘I love myself’
  46. ‘I am worthy of success’
  47. ‘I am supported in all I do in life’
  48. ‘I am deeply grateful for my body, my head and my unique talents’
  49. ‘There is nothing I need to change about myself to be accepted and loved’
  50. ‘I am compassionate to others and myself’
  51. ‘I choose to step outside of my comfort zone and do the unthinkable’
  52. ‘Getting things done is better than them being perfect’
  53. ‘I will accomplish anything I put my mind to’
  54. ‘I know I am needed in this world’
  55. ‘I will have a good day’
  56. ‘My post does not define my future’
  57. ‘I already have everything I need’
  58. ‘I am my best source of motivation’
  59. ‘I love my body’
  60. ‘I am beautiful and I love all aspects of me’
  61. ‘I am proud of everything I have accomplished’
  62. ‘I am grateful for all I have and will accomplish’
  63. ‘I make peace with what I cannot control’
  64. ‘I am worthy of increasing my income’
  65. ‘I am capable’
  66. ‘If I fall, I will get back up again’
  67. ‘I can make a positive difference’
  68. ‘My confidence grows when I step outside my comfort zone’
  69. ‘Every day is a fresh start’
  70. ‘There is no one better to be than myself’
  71. ‘I love the person I am becoming’
  72. ‘I can breathe in confidence and exhale fear’
  73. ‘I am unapologetically myself’
  74. ‘I am respected by the people around me’
  75. ‘I feel healthy and strong today’
  76. ‘I feel happy and content’
  77. ‘I am growing and learning every day’
  78. ‘I am consistent in my hard work’
  79. ‘I let go of limiting beliefs and choose to trust myself’
  80. ‘All I need to succeed is within me’
  81. ‘I release all of the negative self-talk’
  82. ‘I do not need validations from others’
  83. ‘I can rely on myself.’
  84. ‘I can and will stand up for myself’
  85. ‘I deserve the best and I accept the best’
  86. ‘I am taking steps to make my dreams a reality’
  87. ‘I am unique’
  88. ‘My body is filled with energy’
  89. ‘I can organise my priorities with clarity’
  90. ‘I speak with confidence and assurance’
  91. ‘I can fil my mind with positive thoughts’
  92. ‘I focus on what is truly essential’
  93. ‘I don’t fail, I learn and win’
  94. ‘I choose to be optimistic’
  95. ‘I will be fearless today’
  96. ‘I matter’
  97. ‘No one can break me down on the inside unless I let them’
  98. ‘I believe in my goals and dreams’
  99. ‘I choose to live my life to the fullest’
  100. ‘I can do this’
  101. ‘My strength is greater than my struggle’
  102. ‘I am in awe of what my body is capable of’
  103. ‘I am getting stronger every day’
  104. ‘I was not made to give up’
  105. ‘I love who I am in my own skin’
  106. ‘I give myself the care and attention I thrive’
  107. ‘I am a trustworthy friend who shows up’
  108. ‘I wake up every morning feeling empowered’
  109. ‘Today, I am a leader’
  110. ‘Today, I choose to make myself happy’

If you have never tried using positive affirmations before I recommend that you try them whether that is saying them out loud each morning or using them in your journal. These simple personalised statements can improve your mindset and have such a positive impact on your life.

Do you use positive affirmations? What is your favourite one to practise? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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