27 February Bullet Journal Ideas

February in cursive in the middle of the page with blossom trees and branches

February is one of my favourite months only because it means that it’s my birthday! A new month brings new goals, a new focus and a new monthly bullet journal spread to share.

I have moved from my Dingbats Pro Notebook to my Dingbats A5 Wildlife notebook. I loved the Pro B5 notebook; however, for bullet journaling, I prefer the A5 size. I adore the Wildlife Collection and I chose the orange colour because I am a lover of big cats. I am excited to move to an empty notebook and start filling it.

If you have been struggling with the January blues, going into February can get overlooked when you are on the quest for spring. But, you can make February a great month for you. Here are some February bullet journal page ideas to give you some bujo inspiration.

Here Are Some Bullet Journal Ideas For February:

I love to design a cover page for each month to separate the previous month’s spreads. It acts as a great page divider. I decided to go with a heart theme as this is the month of Valentine’s Day. A heart theme is easy for bullet journalists to do, so if you are not a confident drawer, this theme is for you.

1. February Habit Tracker

Habit trackers are massive key pages for me to have in my monthly spread as I am trying to navigate my new ‘normal’, living with Fibromyalgia and chronic pain. I have new habits I need to cultivate as well as keep my habits to do with having good and better health.

Habit tracker with cherry blossom trees on each corner

2. February Mood Tracker

Mood trackers for me are so beneficial because I can compare these trackers with my habit and sleep tracker. I just correspond my mood to the colour. If you live with anxiety or depression, you can tailor your mood trackers to those particular conditions.

A mood tracker with hearts and a range of pink shades for the moods

3. February Blog Statistic Page

I am taking my blog much more seriously this year and I think that it is important to track my stats. I like to see how my blog is growing and identify patterns with particular content that I am sharing with my readers. You can change this idea to a YouTube tracker, or even a TikTok tracker and track you platform or content growth.

A blog statistics tracker with a table to record views, visitors, likes and comments

4. Instagram Content Planner

As I want to grow my blog, it is important that I grow my Instagram too. I have recently started a new feed, so are we Instagram friends? I have been planning my content using this planner and I have definitely been posting more consistently. Unfortunately, I think that there are many people like me, who feel frustrated with Instagram, but I am going to persevere!

Instagram plan in a table

5. Highlights Of February

I haven’t actually used this page idea in a long time, but I thought that as it was my birthday month and there is Valentine’s Day as well, I would write a highlight from each day. This spread works so well when you reflect back at the end of the year; you have a highlight reel for each month.

The word highlights written in the middle of the page with washi tape either side of the word

6. ‘I Am Proud’ Line

This is another bujo page idea that I am bringing back for my February monthly spread. To reflect at the end of each day and write one thing I did that day to be proud of will keep my spirits lifted and keep me motivated. Again, this can be a great self-reflecting exercise to be able to read all that I have achieved, both small and big wins. This can be a great practice if you want to improve your self-worth and confidence.

The word proud written in the middle of the page with washi tape either side of the word proud

7. February Playlist

I have used a playlist spread for a few months now and it is just a fun and light-hearted page idea. It will be interesting to look back at what I was listening to many years from now! You could alter this idea and record your favourite monthly TV shows, books, podcasts or names of bloggers who you have been following.

February playlist with 4 play buttons

Here are some other page ideas that you could use in your journal:

  1. Monthly savings tracker
  2. Monthly expenses
  3. Books to read list
  4. Washi tape swatch page
  5. Pen colour swatch page
  6. Doodle pages
  7. Weekly spreads
  8. Self-care tracker
  9. Cleaning tracker
  10. Tv show tracker

I decided to have a cherry blossom and heart theme for my February bullet journal but there are so many theme ideas that you can try in your journals:

  1. Cherry Blossom
  2. Love hearts
  3. Floral designs
  4. Moon and stars
  5. Love letter
  6. Paris/French
  7. Love heart sweets
  8. Rain showers
  9. Hot air balloon
  10. Black and white

I am excited to be journaling in February and to utilise my bullet journal more from now on. I hope that you have found some February inspiration for you own journal.

What is your favourite page idea in a bullet journal? I’d love to hear in the comments.

43 thoughts on “27 February Bullet Journal Ideas

  1. I love the idea of a Proud page and a Highlights page – not just for social planning, but also as a form of gratitude journalling. I always love your BuJo layouts, Lauren, you are so creative x

  2. Your posts always make me want to start a bullet journal. I love the pics.

    Also loving the idea of the proud moments and playlist. Proud moments especially, because it is great to recognise these.

  3. I always love your Bujo posts! While I always tell myself I’ll follow suit, I never do. But maybe some day I can try some of these layouts out for myself.

  4. I love your bullet journal ideas, I especially like the Highlight February page and the I Am Proud of. It’s similar to my daily joy list. Where I jot down what brought me joy for the day, these are all really great xo

  5. Love your design for Feb, where did you get the washi tape from? It’s so cute! I’m not putting too many things I have to consistently *fill in* at the moment because I tend to forget & get a lot of blank spaces oops! x

  6. Wow, your bullet journal designs are so aesthetically pleasing and functional! I haven’t bullet journaled in a while and this gives me inspiration to start again!

  7. Oh totally in love with you February spread! Absolutely love how you change it every month adding new details and the habit tracker is always my favourite spread. I really love the cherry blossom tape, it adds such a nice colour to it!

  8. Your bujo spreads are always so pretty & I love the cherry blossom & hearts theme.
    The habit tracker & blog stats are useful spreads & I do like the idea of the I am proud line!

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