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AD. February is one of my favourite months because it is m birthday month, so I am really excited, but also there is Valentine’s Day, which I love now that I am in a long term relationship. I jump at the chance for another reason to treat my partner.

I have been making some small goals in January and they have been working well, so I am going to continue my attention on my personal development and on my health. A new month means new monthly advertisers. I have a great selection of blogs that you can read and support.

Here Are My February Advertisers:

Goal of happiness written in cursive writing with a pink stroke of paint behind the writing

Charlotte founded Goal Of Happiness after she changed her own life. She suffered with her mental health and with positive changes has changed how she lives with her mental health. She is now is helping others help themselves with her blog to change their life and mindset.

Charlotte is a trained chef as well as and at home body shop consultant. She loves everything to do with fitness. Charlotte is currently training for a half marathon.

I recommend these 3 blogs of hers:

  1. How To Motivate Yourself To Exercise As A Beginner
  2. The Best YouTube Fitness Channels That You Need To Try
  3. The Different Type of Workout That You Will Work Your Body

The Bloggers Incentive written in black and pink with a black square outline as a blog logo.

Alicia is the creator of The Bloggers Incentive who has over 5 years blogging experience. She built this platform she wanted to outline the truth about blogging. She found it hard to understand the secrets of blogging and wanted to make it accessible for beginner bloggers. Alicia loves to travel, sushi and organizing.

Here are 3 blog posts that I recommend you read:

  1. How To Continue Your Blog – How to rebrand your blogging business in 2022
  2. Why I Switched From MailChimp To MailerLite
  3. How To Overcome Procrastinating In Blogging

Vice city themed logo background with the words concealed voices in bold white and pink writing

Joey is a blogger based in the UK. He started his blog a few years ago after the hardest chapter of his life which included losing his grandmother.

Concealed Voices can be more than a blog. It can be a movement to force change in society. A way of life to give hope to men who are deprived of happiness as well as help to create a community to educate, inspire and motivate men across the world.

You should be reading these 3 blog posts:

  1. 3 Reasons Why Men Should Blog
  2. Why I Miss My Childhood
  3. Don’t Be A Deadbeat Dad

A yellow circle with sunshine Sarah written over the circle in black lettering

Sarah is a Yorkshire blogger who enjoys documenting her travels and walking through the Yorkshire Dales. She shares blog posts on mental health, Netflix recommendations, veganism, eco-friendly options and much more besides! Sarah is a supportive blogger, who actively shares others’ content and posts, leaving genuine comments and being engaging member of the blogging community.

I recommend you read these 3 blog posts:

  1. 4 Ways To Feel Confident In Your Skin
  2. The Perks Of Solo Dating And Living With Social Anxiety
  3. 7 Easy Steps To Create An Eco-Friendly Kitchen

A figure in white next to the word dreahunt in white letters with a burgundy red background logo.

Andrea is a supportive life coach and is a Level 2 practitioner in EFT Tapping. Personal growth is important to her after having to overcome many struggles. Andrea is American and lived most of her life in the US in Minnesota and Georgia. She has worked and studied abroad in UK, Mexico, Argentina, Italy, China and Germany as well as learning 4 other languages. Her background is in International Communications and the last 8 year I have lived in Munich following a big from Beijing, China.

Over the years Andrea has worked in international radio, online media and marketing.

You should check out these 3 blog posts:

  1. 10 Tips For Building Mental Resilience in 2022 From A Life Coach
  2. 9 Ways To Identify & Tackle Your Fears
  3. Top Challenges When Living Abroad & How Life Coaching & EFT Tapping Can Help

Share To Inspire in cursive writing with a pink rose above the writing

Alita is a self-growth enthusiast who has a huge passion for improving herself, building confidence and ditching any fears. Alita created this platform to share her passion and hopes to inspire and empower women in all areas of self-growth, relationships and finances.

Alita is an English teacher, currently living in Japan and has been there for 4 years. It was a life goal to live in Japan and she has managed to achieve this. She started her self-improvement journey in 2017 and ever since has been empowered and her best self.

I’d recommend reading these 3 blog posts:

  1. Top 10 Ways To Save Money In 2022
  2. 20 Lifestyle Changes To Improve Your Life
  3. 10 Of The Most Interesting Hobbies To Try

A peach coloured paint stroke with a little cup of us written over the top in black block letters. Underneath it says UK family & lifestyle blog in smaller black letters

Soffy is a part time single working mummy to a cheeky 4 year old girl Aazeen, just navigating through what life throws her way. She has a masters in law but is an NHS worker and running a small business in the background. She is still in search for the right career but one thing she does know is her love and passion she has for writing,

A Little Cup of Us is a family and lifestyle blog where you will find my journey from baby loss to motherhood to life’s unexpected adventures mixed with a little bit of everything. Her small business called Zeen And Me on Etsy is where she sends different themed letterbox children’s book boxes with treats for the parents too.

Here are 3 blog posts I recommend checking out:

  1. Recipe: The Spinasta 
  2. What I Read In 2021
  3. The Gruffalo Trail In Essex

A piece of chalk and a piece of cheese with faces sat in a toy plane with the words chalk and cheese travels in colourful writing

Richard and his wife Michelle run the blog ‘Chalk and Cheese Travels’. Richard is a chef and Michelle is a teacher. Together they have visited 5 continents and have been travelling the world for over 10 years.

They started their blog for like-minded explorers and adventurers to share a quickly growing collective of ‘must dos’ and hidden treasures from around the world. Sharing posts on top picks in food, cultural adventures as well as general tips they have found helpful on their travels.

I recommend reading these 3 blog posts:

  1. 2021 Travel Roundup 
  2. A Road Trip To Doolin And Cliffs Of Moher
  3. Backpacking New Zealand 2009

This brilliant day is in capital letters with a picture of the sun at the start and a stem with 2 leaves at the end. Underneath in capital letters it says lifestyle and personal development blog.

Sophie is a lifestyle and personal development blogger who shares posts on: sustainable living, positivity, book reviews and much more. There really is something for everyone! Sophie is often supporting other creators’ content with sharing their posts and making genuine comments.

Here are the 3 blog posts that I recommend you read:

  1. 15 Ways To Use Your Time Wisely And Have A Super Productive Day
  2. 7 Eco-Friendly Décor Ideas To Brighten Up Your Home 
  3. How To Make Yourself Sleepy Before Bedtime – Featuring WellBeSleep 

Gemmaa Jayne in block capital letters with captials underneath saying lifestyle, travel and health and fitness. In the background is

Gemma has advertised with me in previous months and I am excited to be sharing Gemma’s content with you. She is a lifestyle blogger who also shares travel, fitness and home blog posts. She has a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Child Psychology (how amazing!). Gemma enjoys sports; she loves swimming, dancing, running and hiking. Another awesome achievement is that she has competed in 2 half marathons!

I recommend the following 3 posts:

  1. 10 Ways To Earn Some Extra Money This Year
  2. 6 Habits That Will Help You Reach Financial Freedom
  3. 5 Ways To Keep Sane During The Work Week

These are some great bloggers who have a range of different topics that is bound to peak your interest. These bloggers are all supportive and will appreciate your engagement on their post.

Do you follow any of these bloggers? Have you found a new blogger to follow? I’d love to hear in the comments.

Find bloggers and submit your blog for free. This is the first web directory for bloggers run by a blogger. So be sure to check it out – discover new bloggers to work with and new blog to read.

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38 thoughts on “Meet My February Advertisers

  1. They’re such an awesome bloggers! I know some of them, and Joey is a new blogger for me, I haven’t heard about her before. Will check out the rest 😀

  2. Happy Birthday!!! 🎂🎉 Happy Valentine’s!!! 💐
    Oh wow these are all interesting to me, I’m not familiar with any of them, so this is great, love to see their blogs, thank you so much Lauren for sharing xo

      1. Oh I love the #11, it’s a master # in numerology and it’s the # of spiritual awakening among other meaning.
        Have an amazing birthday!!!!!

  3. I look forward to reading some of these blogs this month. Thank you for sharing. It is always good to get to know and support others in the writing community. 🤗

    Pastor Natalie (ExamineThisMoment)

  4. Happy birthday month 🥳 enjoyed reading some post from this months advertisers, followed a few and look forward to reading some more posts.

  5. Lovely to discover a few new bloggers this month, thanks for the recommendations! Charlotte, Sarah and Alicia are some of my favourites and I’ve just recently discovered Chalk & Cheese who are great too. I’ll be sure to check out the others for sure!

  6. I love new pages! Thanks so much for this list! Also, happy early birthday! I hope this month is amazing for you 🤎

  7. What a lovely collection of writers to explore during February! I love the range of topics and services you share here, as well as the links that have me clicking and wanting to read more.
    Thanks for sharing!

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