20 Washi Tape Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

A bullet journal spread with checklist boxes, faux flowers spread over the post. The page also has the word quotes stamped on white paper secured by washi tape

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Washi tape for many in the planner community is a bullet journal essential. It is used to create beautiful, yet productive bullet journal spreads that are going to keep you organised. When it comes to bullet journaling washi tape is the easiest ways to add colour and make designs come alive, perfect if you want to bullet journal when you cannot draw.

What is washi tape?

Washi tape is a tape that is used for decorative and practical purposes. The word ‘washi’ is Japanese and it means a type of thin paper. Washi tape is a versatile material as it is thin paper, but also sticky like tape. There are so many designs and colours to choose from!

I have managed to collect some really beautiful washi tapes, yet I am always happy to purchase more! Yes, I am that stationery addict. I have managed to create great bujo trackers and other bujo layouts using washi tape hacks. If you are new to bullet journaling or washi tapes, all you need to know is that they are relatively inexpensive, but can add something special to your journal. So, what can you do with washi tape I hear you say? I have created a list of 20 ways that you can use washi tape in your bullet journal.

1. Colour Code With Washi Tape

Create a colourful side index for your bullet journal or your planner by decorating the edges of a certain page with washi tape. This can help you to save time.

2. Create A Mood Tracker

Usually mood trackers have doodles and colours to track your feelings, but why not use washi tape instead? Use different swatches for different feelings/moods.

3. Cover Up Mistakes

We have all been there; mistakes can be upsetting for some especially when you have just started a new journal. I have just started Dingbats Notebook and I was so nervous to start in it. You can use washi tape to cover up mistakes in a bujo layout. It adds something that the page design was missing – some colour or a fun design!

4. Use It As Tape

You can use your washi tape to add photographs, notes, crafts and other things into your bullet journal. It can make your bullet journal more personal or unique.

5. Use It For Sticky Notes

Instead of buying sticky notes, you can make your own DIY sticky notes with washi tape and paper.

6. Banners And Headers

If you are not good with lettering, or do not feel inspired to draw your headers or banners, use washi tape and write your headers over the top in your planner or on your bullet journal pages.

7. Create A Washi Tape Journal Swatch

Once you start collecting your favourite washi tapes, it is a good idea to create a washi tape swatch index or layout. You can then update your swatch and move them around to add your favourites. It is super easy as washi tape is removable. When you are designing your theme, it can make it a lot quicker to find a design that will compliment your theme.

8. Decorate Your Planner Or Journal

You can make your layouts look pretty even if you aren’t artistic or cannot draw.

9. Make A Theme For The Month

Have a washi theme for the month with a beautiful journal layout. It helps to set the mood for the month.

10. Make Stickers

Why buy stickers when you can make your own? You can make personalised stickers with your washi tape to help keep your planner or bullet journal organised.

A journal spread with photos, book pages and washi tape designs.

Photo by Shifa Sarguru on Unsplash

11. Create A Divider On One Page

One way to create dividers in a bullet journal page is to doodle them. Another way is to simply use your washi tapes.

12. Use It As A Checklist

Make check boxes so much easier by simply using washi tapes that have simple, yet repetitive designs. That can represent a to-do list for your tasks.

13. Design Your Weekly Layouts

Weekly layouts are one of the must-haves in a bullet journal if you want to have an organised week. Designs may not be necessary in preparing a weekly spread, but it doesn’t hurt to put colour in your bujo.

14. Make Health Trackers

Just like mood trackers, you can use washi tapes in your health trackers too. Let the colour inspire you to reach your health goals.

15. Mark Special Pages

Do you need to highlight a special page? You can layer the corner with a couple of washi tapes and you can find that page easily.

16. Create Paper Clip Flags

Another way to mark the most important or special pages in your bullet journal is to use paper clip flags. Cut your washi tape in a flag format, and then wrap one side of the paper clip with it. It not only helps you to easily locate because you can label them, but it also adds colour and organisation.

17. Create A Vision Board

Making a vision board can help create inspiration and motivation. To pin the pictures, use your washi tape to put them in your planner and journal.

18. Use It As Fillers

Sometimes you don’t know what to write in your bullet journal. Fill in the empty spaces on the bujo layouts with washi tape.

19. Decorate Your Planner Cover

You can use washi tape not only to decorate your bullet journal, but also the cover page. Yes, it may take a lot of tape, but it will make it look so pretty.

20. Add A DIY Envelope

Are you looking for some secret storage in your bujo? Try creating an envelope and adding it to your bullet journal with washi tape. For DIY envelopes, you should use scrapbooking paper to add texture to your pages. These can be great for keeping mementoes.

These are just 20 ways you can use your gorgeous washi tapes in your bullet journal, but there are so many other ways you can use your decorative tapes to create beautiful designs and make your bujo unique to you. There is no right or wrong way to use your washi tape – you do you!

Do you use washi tape in your planner or bullet journal? What for? I’d love to hear in the comments.

58 thoughts on “20 Washi Tape Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

  1. You’ve shared some great ideas lovely! I don’t have a bullet journal myself but it’s something I’m wanting to do and I’ll defiantly be making boarders with these. Thank you so much for sharing Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

  2. While I myself don’t have a bullet journal, I love seeing other bujo spreads and how people get creative with different textures and concepts. Using washi tape seems like an excellent idea. It’s a seriously beneficial item to have in the house too (I use it constantly for all sorts of random things)!

  3. I love washi tape. This is a great list, I’ve been using it mostly to decorate or to attach something to the page like an envelope. Great post xo

  4. I love the idea of using washi tape to add a little envelope to one’s journal, but I am also a real organizer so using colorful tapes to make headers or section lists appeals to me too. 🙂

  5. Despite not actively journaling I have so much washi tape! I even have serial killer tape and Invader Zim tape. Neither of which have ever left the packet!

  6. Oh I love this – I love my washi tape collection to pieces! As a huge perfectionist I love using it to cover up my mistakes, and washi tape paper clips sound like so much fun, I’m definitely going to try them! Thanks for sharing x

  7. I love washi tape! I use it for a lot of these things! It’s really fun/pretty to use in my Bible study. The pop of color makes the pages more vibrant!

  8. I have so much washi tape and never enough uses for it, so this post is perfect! I love the idea of using it for a mood tracker or a habit tracker, that would look so cute! Thank you so much for all the suggestions!

  9. I’ve never heard of Washi tape but this sounds like a great idea! I have recently gotten into bullet journaling so I will definitely try it out. Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. Washi tape is one of my favorite things to use. These are all great ideas! I haven’t used it for much other than to color code things, lol. Thank you for sharing!

  11. I have so much washi tape, and now I know what I can do with it! I have previously used washi tape to create a cute design on the front of a card. It is so versatile, isn’t it?!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  12. I love to use Washi tape especially to make notes, for decorations and using it flag pages! I’ve never thought of using it to cover mistakes and I’m definitely going to give that a try in the future.

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