April Bullet Journal Ideas For Your Journal

An April cover page. The letter A filled in with the word April repeated.

A new month means a new opportunity to organise my life and work on my goals. My bullet journal will help me to do this. The start of a new month means the chance to design a new monthly bujo layout. This upcoming month, I am relying solely on my bullet journal instead of to-do list pads. I want to go back to my original way of planning – everything is in one place.

I have decided on bringing back some old page ideas and introducing some new layouts to really utilise the bullet journal method. These are 11 April bullet journal page ideas you can use in your journal.

  1. April Habit Tracker
  2. April Mood Tracker
  3. Highlights
  4. Proud of Me
  5. April Blog Statistics Tracker
  6. Instagram Plan
  7. Brain Dump Page
  8. Playlist Page
  9. Gratitude Tracker
  10. April Master Task List
  11. April Weekly Spread Layouts

Here are some different layouts for these page ideas to give you some inspiration for your journal to help keep you mentally and physically organised for the month of April:

1. April Habit Tracker

Sometimes we all need that little push or helping hand to stay on track. Using habit trackers are really helpful for me as sometimes with brain fog I can forget certain tasks. Checking my bujo daily keeps me focused on completing daily and weekly habits. I have chosen a certain amount of habits this month as these are the habits I want to focus on this month.

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A habit tracker spread with blue flower stickers

2. April Mood Tracker

A mood tracker is exactly what it sounds like, a spread that trackers your mood. This tracker can be really beneficial if you want to identify any patterns that could be linked to a health condition for example. A mood tracker works so well for me especially as I live with a chronic pain condition; it is a helpful way to track my mood that correlates to my habits and what I am doing. Last month, I didn’t use a mood tracker and I really missed filling it in! I like to use these trackers to me see what is happening.

A mood tracker graph with different emotions in the bottom and the dates along the side. The page has blue flower stickers as well.

3. April Highlights

A highlights spread is a really positive spread to introduce into your bujo. If you haven’t journaled before, using a highlight page can be an easy place to start. You are just committing to writing one ‘highlight’ of your day every day.

I can have bad pain days or extremely fatigued days and so making a conscious effort to focus on something positive helps me to try and keep a positive mindset. It can make reflecting on your month or year easier because you have made your own highlight reel.

Highlights written in the middle of the page with blue flower stickers either side.

4. Proud Of Me

A proud page idea is about writing what one thing you are proud of each day. This can help to bring some positivity even on a bad day. This practice can help improve your self-esteem and your self-confidence.

Proud written in the middle of the page with blue floral stickers either side

5. April Blog Statistics Tracker

If you are a blogger or a content creator tracking your stats can be a really motivating to work smarter and drive success. I have found that tracking my blog really helpful for looking for patterns and seeing what areas I need to work on.

A blog stats tracker page with a list of the dates, and different columns. It also has blue flower stickers around the page

6. April Instagram Plan

Instagram can be a really difficult platform to grow and sometimes I enjoy using it and other times I find it so frustrating!

To be consistent with Instagram, I have been using an Instagram Plan for a few months. I can plan out what I want to share, so that I post every day. I am trying to work on growing my platform… Are we Instagram friends?

Instagram plan

7. April Brain Dump

Brain dump pages are a simple way to get all the ideas, worries or thoughts out of your head and on paper. These pages are a great idea because you never know when you are going to get an idea. You can use these pages before you go to sleep in order to get your head clear. I like to use these ages for blog post ideas.

Brain dump written at the top with blue flower stickers

8. Monthly Playlist

I added this playlist spread in my last few monthly spreads and I think it is a fun thing to include. I like the idea of being able to look back at what new music I was listening to each month. Do you have any music that you would recommend?

Playlist written in the middle with blue stickers

9. Gratitude Tracker

Practising gratitude is a powerful for self-care and your mental health. This gratitude tracker is a great use of your bullet journal. You can write one thing you are grateful for each day. This helps me to focus on the positive things, be grateful and journal short hand each evening.

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Gratitude written in the middle with blue flowers stickers either side

10. April Master Task List

This is a new page spread that I was inspired by Helen Colebrook on YouTube. I usually use a to-do for monthly tasks, but after seeing Helen’s spread, I thought that it would work well for me this month.

I separated the master list into different categories. The ‘BG’ is Bournemouth Girl, my blog; ‘social’ for my social media platforms; ‘home’ is for home tasks such as cleaning and then ‘personal’ for other tasks.

A master task list page with different subheadings separately with blue highlighted lines and blue flower stickers

11. April Weekly Spread

Again, I have Helen Colebrook to thank for the inspiration. I have a section for events Monday to Sunday, a section for the top 3 tasks each day, a space for a task list and a reflection space to write about my week. When I plan out my weeks, I will take tasks from my master task list and dedicate them to a particular week. I think that this spread is going to help keep me productive and super organised with my time.

A weekly spread, with an events column, too 3 tasks column, a task list box and reflection box. At the top and bottom was a white daisy washi tape on the top and bottom of the page

These are my page ideas for my April bullet journal to help keep me organised and mindful in my everyday life. Other bullet journal ideas that can help you to be productive are:

  • Monthly budget or expenses
  • Symptom or self-care tracker
  • Cleaning tracker
  • Social media follower count
  • Meal planner

What pages have you used in your April bullet journal? I’d love to hear in the comments.

51 thoughts on “April Bullet Journal Ideas For Your Journal

  1. I would love to start doing the Mood Tracker and Proud of Me bullet list. I’ve been feeling a bit on the verge of burnout lately and this might help combat those feelings. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love the blue flower theme you’ve gone for in this spread! So pretty. I need to buy a diary for habit tracking next month.

  3. I love your theme for April with all the blue flowers!
    I usually have to-do lists too, but that’s a good idea of having a master task list for different categories & then having the weekly spread for when you do those tasks!

  4. Such great ideas! I had not considered adding a meal planner or a cleaning schedule to my bullet journal 🤔 Thank you for sharing!

  5. I love your bullet journal and all the pag ideas! I used to do bullet jouranalling but fell out of the habit. You’ve inspired me to start again. Thank you!

  6. These are fantastic ideas! And so carefully thought out…my journaling is a big mess of whatever comes to mind (but controlled chaos is my form of organization). I would never make a journal like this, but I would love to use one. Have you ever thought about selling your formats? You should. They’re wonderful!

  7. Love these ideas. I think the colour scheme is lovely – I know if I did bullet journaling it would end up looking so messy

  8. Fab suggestions! I love your colour scheme for April, the flowers are so cute, and I think the proud of me page is a really lovely addition. I’m definitely going to add it to my journal! The gratitude tracker looks amazing too. Thanks for sharing x

  9. Lovely. Always enjoy your journal posts. Am currently using a blank journal, and am considering dotted for my next one, but I find that the size is too small for my longhand writing. Ruled notebooks are too busy looking though. Ah, the thought process of a journalling fan, lol. Thanks for sharing, btw!

  10. I love the idea of keeping everything in one place, including to-do lists. I really like the highlights, proud of me, and gratitude tracker pages. They’re great reminders for celebrating wins and give motivation/inspiration on a bad day. Thank you for sharing!

  11. I always wanted to start journaling, I don’t understand were to begin, these are wonderful ideas i must keep them in mind. thanks for sharing.

  12. I like these spread ideas, especially the gratitude, proud of and highlights tracker. So often we forget the good things that happen throughout the month. Keeping track of the positive things is a great way to appreciate life more.

  13. I love how your April spread looks and I am sure that all those flowers will help too. Love how they add a spark of colour to each page and the washi tape on your weekly spread is goals! x

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