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Finally, it is Spring and I am so excited to have some warmer weather. The warmer weather is not just about enjoying the sunshine for me; it means hopefully less pain due to the weather.

Spring means we are all moving into a new season and the next quarter. This month, I am going to be working on my mental health first aid qualification; I started this last month and I am already learning a lot. I have been ahead of schedule for my blog content which is helped me rediscover love for blogging and writing.

A ew month brings new monthly advertisers. I have a great selection of blogs for you to discover.

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Sarah is a Yorkshire blogger who enjoys documenting her travels and walking through the Yorkshire Dales. She shares blog posts on mental health, Netflix recommendations, veganism, eco-friendly options and much more besides! Sarah is a supportive blogger, who actively shares others’ content and posts, leaving genuine comments.

I’d recommend reading these 3 blog posts:

  1. Top 10 Places To Visit In The UK This Spring
  2. 5 Of My Favourite Vegan Easter Treats

A figure in white next to the word dreahunt in white letters with a burgundy red background logo.

Andrea is a supportive life coach and is a Level 2 practitioner in EFT Tapping. Personal growth is important to her after having to overcome many struggles. Andrea is offering a special Spring Clean Your Life & Mindset Package which is an exclusive combination of transformational life coaching and EFT Tapping that will kick start your personal growth so you can start making changes in your life immediately. Check it out here.

Here’s her 3 blog posts I recommend you check out:

  1. Why You Need To Spring Clean Your Life In 2022
  2. How The 5 Love Languages Can Help Your Relationship
  3. The Dangers Of Comparison And What To Do About It

Vice city themed logo background with the words concealed voices in bold white and pink writing

Joey is a blogger based in the UK. He started his blog a few years ago after the hardest chapter of his life which included losing his grandmother.

Concealed Voices can be more than a blog. It can be a movement to force change in society. A way of life to give hope to men who are deprived of happiness as well as help to create a community to educate, inspire and motivate men across the world.

I’d recommend reading these 2 blog posts:

  1. Why I Miss My Childhood
  2. Don’t Be A Deadbeat Dad

Gemmaa Jayne in block capital letters with captials underneath saying lifestyle, travel and health and fitness. In the background is

Gemma has advertised with me in previous months and I am excited to be sharing Gemma’s content with you. She is a lifestyle blogger who also shares travel, fitness and home blog posts. She has a degree in Psychology and a Masters in Child Psychology (how amazing!). Gemma enjoys sports; she loves swimming, dancing, running and hiking. Another awesome achievement is that she has competed in 2 half marathons!

I’d recommend reading these 3 blog posts:

  1. Spring Cleaning Your Bedroom In 9 Simple Steps
  2. How To Live A More Frugal Lifestyle
  3. 5 Ways To Add Spring Into Your Life Right Now

Goal of happiness written in cursive writing with a pink stroke of paint behind the writing

Charlotte founded Goal Of Happiness after she changed her own life. She suffered with her mental health and with positive changes has changed how she lives with her mental health. She is now is helping others help themselves with her blog to change their life and mindset.

Charlotte is a trained chef as well as and at home body shop consultant. She loves everything to do with fitness. Charlotte is currently training for a half marathon.

I’d recommend reading these 2 blog posts:

  1. Best Couch To 5K Apps To Start Your Running Journey
  2. Cycling: Everything You Need To Know

A peach coloured paint stroke with a little cup of us written over the top in black block letters. Underneath it says UK family & lifestyle blog in smaller black letters

Soffy is a blogger from London. She works for the NHS, but also has a Masters in Law. If that isn’t enough, she also runs a small business called Zeenandme, where she sends different themed letterbox children’s book boxes with treats for the parents too.

I’d recommend reading these 2 blog posts:

  1. Dear Daughter: Half A Decade Of You
  2. 10 Kids Activities For Ramadan

There is a range of blog posts from these bloggers for you to discover and relate to. Do you follow any of these bloggers? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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  1. Some great blogs to check out. Will save them to come back to later when I want some new reading 🙂

  2. This is an amazing group of advertisers including a few of my favorites like Andrea & Soffy! I’ll have to check out their posts you recommend.

  3. Ooh you’ve got some great bloggers here! I love Gemma, Charlotte and Soffy’s blogs but I hadn’t heard of Concealed Voices before – I’ll have to check it out! Thank you so much for sharing x

  4. These all look so interesting. There aren’t enough hours in the day to read everything I’d like to but I’ll surely check these out. Thanks alot!

  5. amazing group of bloggers for April! I will catch up on their posts this weekend.

  6. These monthly posts always remind me to go catch up on blogs I have not visited in a while, as well as explore the posts I may have missed from bloggers I love. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  7. Going through each now and having a wee read! I love these wee posts so much! I always discover at least two new blogs each month 😀

  8. Well done to you for working on your Mental Health First Aid qualification! I am so happy it’s Spring too 🙂 Some great blogs to check out here!

  9. I love finding new blogs to read. I have heard of some of these and not others so I will come back to check them out! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  10. You’ve got 2 blogs here that I’ve never read before which has me super excited. I love learning about blogs and bloggers that I haven’t discovered before – there are so many out there and we can’t possibly find them all ourselves!

  11. Fantastic list of bloggers – lots of them I already read and love their content! Thanks for sharing this incredible list of bloggers to check out 🙂

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