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6 Blogging Investments Worth The Money

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There are so many blogging investments that feature online and one of the biggest blogging mistakes is to invest in everything that you are told is great to start building a successful blog.

If you want to develop a business from your blog, it is important like any business that is just starting to invest money. This will enable you to grow and succeed. Not investing in your blog is just going to hinder your success.

There is also no rush if you are not in a position to be able to make investments right now because you can focus on building connections with your audience a as well as promoting on social media.

Disclaimer: affiliate links are used in this post. If you make a purchase via my link, I receive commission, but it doesn’t cost you a thing!

These are 6 blog investments that are definitely worth the hype and the moment:

1. Domain Name

If paying to go self-hosted is not an investment you can afford straight away buying a domain name is the next best thing. A domain name gives your blog instant credibility. Domain names build your blogging brand. If your domain name matched the name of your blog, it reinforces the brand as well as making it easier for your readers to remember and return your blog. There are so many other benefits t using a domain name for your blog including:

As a new blogger, it can be a challenge to create the best domain name that reflects your blog and that you love.

2. Go Self-Hosted

Self-hosting is the practice of running and maintaining a website using a private server instead of using an internally-hosted website. Many successful blogs are self-hosted because of the huge benefits it comes with.

If you want to take your blog seriously, going self-hosted can be a great way to customise your website and have it look exactly as you envisaged. Investing in going self-hosted ca mean:

Of course, self-hosting isn’t free, but it can be affordable especially with other content creators sharing their discount codes for money off. I haven’t gone self-hosted at the moment; I have the business plan with WordPress which works for me right now. But going self-hosted is on my master to-do list for my blog.

3. A Blog Theme

Investing in a good theme is a must as visuals are always important. You want a blog that is well put together and easy to navigate if it is too confusing readers will click off. There are plenty of free themes that are suitable, but if you want to invest, there are some beautiful themes that are super affordable. The great thing about purchasing a theme is you have it forever, so if you re-design your blog a couple of times you can always go back to your purchased themes. My current theme is ‘Rosalie’ a premium theme and I paid £44 and it was one of the best investments I have made, it made my blog much more professional.

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4. Canva Pro

Canva is a great app for you to create appealing visuals for your blog and social media. By purchasing Canva Pro, it gives you access to millions of stock images as well as a range of fonts that will give you the chance to make effective Pinterest pins. It is £10.99 per month or £107.99 for the year (£8.99 a month – saving over £23). It is not the most expensive investment, but it does give you an edge with professional visuals.

5. Stock Photos

If you are not a good photographer, or not great at staging photos, using stock photos can be the easier choice. If it is not a blog post for a product you may want to use stock images. There are plenty of free stock images, but you can often find lots of other creators are using the same images. Stock images are high quality images that are beautiful and will help you to create eye-catching pins that have a better chance of them going viral as well as blog post visuals. There are lots of places to purchase stock images:

There are some great free stock images website:

6. E-Books And E-Courses

There are certain e-books and e-courses that are worth the investment and will help to take your blog to the next level. It is important that you do your research about the blogger who is offering the resources as there are some who do not have the knowledge they claim to have.

The huge benefit of purchasing e-books and e-courses is that the credible bloggers who have created them have done all the work and effort for you. They have tried the different methods, strategies and all the researching for you – you just reap all the benefits. I have only purchased e-books and e-courses from bloggers I trust.

A beginner’s guide to growing your blog – Jenny has been a successful blogger for years and offers everything you need to know to grow your audience including utilising social media, how to attract new bloggers and much more. All for just £2.50!

The Ultimate Guide To Blog Monetisation – Kayleigh has been a long standing, successful blogger and has a great selection of e-books to help you be the most effective blogger. This e-book is to teach you how to start earning from your blog. It covers a range of topics such as: affiliate marketing, how to start making money with email marketing. Seasonal sales, running ads, sponsored posts and much more. All for £10!

A beginner’s guide to affiliate sales – Another e-book from Kayleigh sharing the basics and tips for how you can start making money with affiliate sales. All for £5.

A beginner’s guide to blogging – Jenny shares all her years of experience, with the basics to blogging and how you can start to make your blog a success. All for just £5.99.

These e-books have been really useful; I would definitely recommend these resources especially if you are a blogging beginner.

These are my top blog investments that I would recommend, but there are so many other investments that you should look into:

What investments have you made in your blog that were worth it? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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