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May Bullet Journal Ideas

A selection of different shaped flowers doodles with the word May in capitals written underneath , highlighted over in orange.

It is that time of the month again; it’s bullet journal set up time!

This month might be the last spread I share, I am wanting to possibly change up how I plan and organise my time. I went down the rabbit hole of planner videos on YouTube, my favourite is Cindy GB’s channel and I want to maybe move solely to a pre-printed planner. I would love to have certain planners but unfortunately because they are in the US I cannot really justify the shipping. I wish the UK has better options.

I like this time of the month when all the bullet journal ideas flood social media platforms and planner addicts get to plan their next month. I mean any excuse to bust out the stickers, washi tape and coloured pens!

Here are my May Bullet Journal Ideas:

1. Habit Tracker

I wanted to make May a simple design because I wanted to focus on being productive with my time as I am working on a course. I want to focus my attention on that rather than a busy design in my bullet journal. I have kept the habits in my journal the same each month.

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2. Highlights

I love looking for the positives even on a bad day and this spread allows mw to focus on this. For anyone who doesn’t know, the idea is to write one highlight from each day.

3. Gratitude

Practising gratitude is a powerful task that can benefit your physical and mental health. Using this gratitude tracker helps me to reflect on each day and be thankful for what I have. Writing one thing each day helps me keep a diary of my movements.

4. One Line

As I currently do not daily journal, using this page idea allows me to short hand write about my day. So, I just write ‘one line’ about what I did that day. This is a great page to be able to look back on and reminisce.

5. Blog Statistics

This is always a tracker I use in my bullet journal because I like to track my blog’s progress. It highlights any areas where I need to work harder.

6. Master Task List

This spread lists all the tasks I wish to complete during the month. I separate the tasks into sections: my home, my blog, my course and personal. Then, each day I can refer to the list for daily tasks to complete.

7. Calendar

I haven’t used this idea for a while, but as I have a busy month with medical appointments and my course, I thought this would help me to be more organised with my time.

I kept this spread simple with the use of Tombow brush pens and my micron pens to doodle flowers. If you want a more decorative spread for May, you can check out my previous bumble bee theme.

Other bullet journal pages that might work for your journal could be:

  1. Savings tracker
  2. Party planning
  3. Expenses tracker
  4. Brain dump pages
  5. To-do lists
  6. Monthly favourites
  7. Doodle or practise lettering pages
  8. Book tracker
  9. Washi tape swatch
  10. Journal entries

These are just some ideas that you can use in your journal to help keep you organised, productive and live intentionally.

What ideas do you have for your journal? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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