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9 Simple Ways You Can Invest In Yourself

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Learning to invest in yourself will be the most profitable investment you will ever make. It’s the best way to achieve a better quality of life, be successful and productive is to place a priority on investing in yourself both personally and professionally.

What does it mean to invest in yourself?

Investing in yourself means you are putting time, resources and money into bettering your current life and your future. Rather than focusing on material things, instead you will seek opportunities and assets that will increase your knowledge that can make positive impacts for you. Life is about continuously improving and building a better life for yourself. These are 9 ways to invest yourself:

1. Set Specific Goals

Setting goals will help you accomplish more. When you have identified a goal and written it down, you are far more likely to change your behaviour and make actionable steps to succeed at that goal.

Goals give you clarity on what you want from life instead of having a vague dream of what you want. Once you have set a goal, you can focus your attention and you can channel your energy to achieve it.

When you want to make goals it is important that they are SMART goals:

I make monthly goals, but it is important to remember that goals can change because life can change. When you make goals you are focused on growing and developing for a successful future.

2. Learn A New Skill

A great way to invest in yourself is to continue learning throughout your life. Learning a new skill not only gives you another skill to add to your career or resumé, but it gives you the chance to keep your mind sharp. Learning new skills is not all about the skills that are going to look good on a resumé or in a job, skills like cooking may not affect your career, but they can help you create a better and happier life.

There are plenty of online courses that can enable you to learn and develop to give yourself the best and happiest life. I want to learn about mental health for children and young people as well as learn how to cook better and bake.

3. Take Care Of Your Physical Health

You cannot learn new skills and grow if there is no you. So, you need to make sure that you look after your physical health.

Ensuring you get enough sleep, eating healthy meals, drink plenty of water and exercise. It is important that you learn how to reduce stress and how to manage it. Investing in your health is vital.

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4. Learn How Money Works

Learning about money is not something I did in school, but I feel that it should be taught because it is important.

Understanding the basics of how you can save as well as make money. No matter what your job is, knowing how money works will help you to increase your income, reach your goals and live a happier life. You can do this by reading financial freedom books, blogs and listen to financial based podcasts.

5. Keep A Journal

Writing in a journal may not sound like a way to invest in yourself as all you are doing is writing about your day, your thoughts or your feelings. However, when you journal daily it make you more self-reflective and this is a powerful form of self-care. You can release any negative thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental apace. Daily journaling can help you:

If you are using a journal, you will receive huge benefits with self-discovery making you a happier and healthier person who can work towards their future.

6. Take Care Of Your Mental Health

Just like physical health, your mental health is vital in order for you to be productive and successful in your future. In order to invest in yourself, you need to look after your mental wellbeing because you cannot be successful if you are struggling with you mental health. Having a good healthy mental health habits and strategies in place will help you to keep your mind clear, so that you can stay focused on opportunities that life gives you.

7. Keep Organised

Getting organised is a hugely beneficial way to invest in yourself. When you are organised and have a decluttered space you will know where everything is, but you can also use the time you would usually use for looking for lost documents or picking up clutter, to invest in yourself in other areas. For example, you could schedule a work out, take an online course or even listen to an inspiring podcast.

Studies have shown that having an organised and declutters work space enables you to focus and be more productive. This is because clutter makes it harder for your brain to process information.

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8. Let Go Of Guilt

Guilt can be a destructive feeling that can impact your physical and mental health. We can all be guilty of setting high expectations of ourselves and when we do make a mistake (which we all do – we are human after all), it is easy to start overthinking those experiences and the guilty feelings take over. You should instead use them as lessons and learn from each experience. Stop the ‘I should have’ and start thinking that next time I could try this instead. Focus on moving forward.

9. Break Bad Habits

We all have bad habits, but do you know what your bad habits are? Your bad habits are negative behaviour patterns that hurt your physical, emotional or social wellbeing. I am sure you have bad habits you would like to break, we all do.

When you make an effort to tackle your bad habits, it can be empowering especially if you replace your bad habits with good habits. Breaking your bad habits can take a lot of effort and consistency. But it will change your life. To start your new habits and break bad habits, I use habit trackers. Habit trackers focus me and motivate me to keep on track.

Self-investment is the best investment you can make. It doesn’t mean a huge life change, but making small changes that will invest in you. These are 9 positive ways that you can start investing in yourself.

How do you invest in yourself? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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