5 Things to do on a rainy day

Living in the UK during Winter means A LOT of rain. I love nothing more than staying home in the warm and dry when it does rain. When staying in on a rainy day is the perfect time to get creative. Rainy days are also the perfect time to get ahead of blog planning and scheduling. I thought I would share 5 things that I like to do on a rainy day.

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Afternoon Tea & My Trip To HobbyCraft

On Saturday I went with one of my oldest and dearest friends to Haskins for an Afternoon Tea experience. This was my first Afternoon Tea and I definitely was not disappointed.

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28 Things I want to do this year

Today is my birthday and today I turned 28. Instead of writing some things I have learned in the past year, I thought I would do something a bit different this year. You can read my 26 Things I learned in 26 years post. I thought I would share 28 things that I would like to do or achieve this year.

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Hayley Kiyoko & Exploring London

Ever since I was young I have always enjoyed going to concerts, I was very fortunate to be able to go to so many. Nothing has changed as I have got older. I have blogged about some recent concert experiences, Demi Lovato and STEPS. Having missed out on getting hold of tickets the first time, when Hayley announced there was going to be another tour date I knew I did not want to miss out again, so I made sure I got tickets.

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Highlights of January 2019!

Why does it feel January lasts the longest time, well although I’ve had quite a great month, a few birthdays and even a surprise visit. I have loved this fresh month of a new year, for some reason I have definitely got a different mindset this year. Positivity and productivity are a couple of my focuses this year. I feel this month has been a great start to these. I wanted to reflect on my month and share my highlights with you.

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Tips and advice for new bloggers

It wasn’t that long ago that I was brand new to the blogging community. I did not really know what to do, even now there is so much I don’t know and I am learning all the time. I recently had several bloggers new to the community asking for tips, so I thought I would write a blog post about the tips I wish I knew when I first started. I also reached out to other bloggers on Twitter and asked for any tips or advice they would give to new bloggers also.

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What I love about blogging

I came across a post by Jay over on his blog where he wrote about what he loves about his blog. It made me think about what I love about my blog and what I love about blogging. Jay encouraged me to share my loves, I thought it would make such a positive post and highlight some the positive aspects from my view to potential new bloggers.

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