5 Ways To Feel Calmer During Times Of Uncertainty

I did have a different post I was going to share today, however with the current situation that is affecting the whole world in many different ways, I wanted to share some content that could be helpful to anyone during this time. A lot of people understandably are anxious and frightened.

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How to handle negativity online

The internet and social media has become an amazing tool. Communicating, working, networking and learning new things. There are so many positive benefits, however like everything there can be some negative aspects too.

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A Collaboration With ELB Counselling

This is a very different post to what I would usually share on my blog, but I thought my blog is a great platform to increase awareness regarding aspects of mental health and the avenues of help and support that are available to you.

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25 Ways You Can Practise Self Care

Self-care has become a well-known term and I think that people are now making themselves a priority. How many times have you cancelled something you had planned to be there for someone else? Or when was the last time you said no? Sometimes it is easy to forget about yourself because you want to make sure everyone else is okay.

It is okay to put yourself first!

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15 Activities To Help Relieve Stress

Today is World Stress Day. Stress is so common and can cause serious problems for your mental health and impact your physical health. It is important that it is taken seriously. In a study in 2018, 74% of UK adults had felt stressed at some point with more women at 81% compared to 67% of them being male. There is little activities that you can do to relieve stress. I am sharing some of the easiest ways you can relieve stress.

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BuddyBox Review From The Blurt Foundation

Mental health is just as important as physical health and it is important to spread that message. Since I was diagnosed with anxiety, society has come a long way with help and organisations providing support. There is still progress to be made, which is why I like to use my platform to help create awareness. When I realised it was Mental Health Awareness Day on 10th of this month, I reached out to Blurt to see if they wanted to collaborate this month and pleased they agreed. They sent me a BuddyBox to review and share with you all.

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