Hugh Jackman: The Man, The Music, The Show!

I loved The Greatest Showman and so when tickets went on pre-sale on o2 priority for Hugh Jackman’s tour, I knew I wanted needed to go! My whole family love The Greatest Showman, we even went to see it at the cinema for Mothers Day (my mum wanted to see it for the 3rd time ha ha!)

The show was with a live orchestra with hit songs from The Greatest  Showman, Les Misérables, The Boy from Oz and more broadway and film. Read More

[GIFTED] Brush Lettering Ft. Keikaimono

I love brush lettering it is so beautiful and there is so much inspiration on Pinterest. It makes me want to practise more and buy all the different coloured brush pens that I can, yes that is the slight stationery addict within me saying this haha! I was contacted by the lovely sisters at Keikaimono about collaborating with them on their brush pens and I was so excited. Stationery is a big passion of mine and I could try new coloured brush pens yayy!

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My Happy Planner

Anyone who knows me or has read my blog knows I LOVE stationery. Notebooks, planners and pens are some of my favourite things to shop for. I had seen the Happy Planner on social media and then a colleague at work showed me her Happy Planner. It was so pretty and I was completely sold! I knew I wanted needed one! I love the feeling of a fresh new year and the feeling of hope to be organised and prepared. These planners are definitely a way to help me do that. I thought I would share with you the features and benefits of using this planner. If you are looking for a planner I would highly recommend the Happy Planner.

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The Brew Company

In the Winter, I always drink far more tea. I love tea! I do not like coffee, sometimes I feel I am one of the only bloggers who dislikes coffee haha. A cup of tea, a snuggly blanket and one of my favourite t.v shows is one of my favourite self-care evenings.

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Popcorn Shed Review

I have been really fortunate to come across posts requesting bloggers to review products so when I saw the post about Popcorn Shed had new flavours to sample of course I messaged them. I love to try new food (who doesn’t?) and so I was happy when I saw the email.

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