Crayola SuperTips Review & Swatch

Definitely in the last year I have heard so much about Crayola SuperTips to rival the other pens on the market for brush and calligraphy lettering. I have seen so many youtube videos about using these pens in bullet journal spreads.

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Reflection On July & Goals For August

July was a busy month for me personally and for my blog. For July I had set a goal that I would post consistently on my blog each week and I have achieved this, I am so happy and proud of myself. I have finally found my routine with my blog. I am wanting to continue with this goal this month. Continue reading “Reflection On July & Goals For August”

Hugh Jackman: The Man, The Music, The Show!

I loved The Greatest Showman and so when tickets went on pre-sale on o2 priority for Hugh Jackman’s tour, I knew I wanted needed to go! My whole family love The Greatest Showman, we even went to see it at the cinema for Mothers Day (my mum wanted to see it for the 3rd time ha ha!)

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Improving Mental Health With 365 Days Of Happiness

This year I wanted to focus on my own wellbeing, my confidence and my overall health. It can be such a hard thing, I mean I am my own worse enemy when it comes to feeling confident and happy. I was emailed with the opportunity to be sent a copy of 365 Days of Happiness, it sounded like this would be a helpful tool in achieving this personal focus and I am sharing this book with you.

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[GIFTED] CharrWillson Stationery Review

I found CharrWillson Stationery on Instagram and her feed was stationery goals, so I knew I had to share my thoughts. I sent a private message and Charlotte and I got to chatting. Charlotte expressed an interest in working with others who share the same passion and I think she understood that I was stationery obsessed haha! You only have to look at my blog or my Instagram to know this.

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[GIFTED] Brush Lettering Ft. Keikaimono

I love brush lettering it is so beautiful and there is so much inspiration on Pinterest. It makes me want to practise more and buy all the different coloured brush pens that I can, yes that is the slight stationery addict within me saying this haha! I was contacted by the lovely sisters at Keikaimono about collaborating with them on their brush pens and I was so excited. Stationery is a big passion of mine and I could try new coloured brush pens yayy!

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GIFTED| Bujo Box Review

My love for stationery means I also love bullet journalling. I first discovered bullet journalling when I watched Lily Pebbles on Youtube and then my auntie also shared her tips and best places to find resources, as I only knew what Lily had shared.

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