How to handle negativity online

The internet and social media has become an amazing tool. Communicating, working, networking and learning new things. There are so many positive benefits, however like everything there can be some negative aspects too.

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How To Stay Motivated With Your Blog

Recently I have had a lot of readers write to me and have asked how I stay motivated with my blog and consistently post. I am not going to lie previously I struggled to stay motivated and I fell behind with posting. Sometimes I lost all motivation and didn’t know how I was going to get out of the rut I was in. If you are currently feeling this way I have a post 10 ways to improve your creativity, those tips helped me get creative again!

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How You Can Use A Bullet Journal For Blogging

Bullet Journals can be so versatile and you can use them to track all sorts of projects. I like to use my bullet journal for blogging as well as personal day-to-day tasks and include weekly spreads.

By using my bullet journal I am able to track all my blog progress and social media engagement all in one place. I can also reflect on the previous month and see what social media platforms are working well and where I need to spend more time.

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Favourite bloggers this July

Instead of writing a monthly favourites posts about products, I decided last month to share the bloggers I had been loving. It was really well received so I thought I would share with you the bloggers I have been loving this month.You should definitely take a look at these talented writers as they all offer different content and each have a unique style of writing and photography.

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Top tips for marketing your blog |

Building your blog and getting your brand out there takes time. You see successful bloggers with thousands of followers and none of them got them overnight (unless they have brought their followers, haha!). It takes a while to build a community, so do not be disheartened if you don’t see lots of engagement right away.

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