Pro And Cons To Bullet Journalling

I first learned about bullet journalling when I was watching Lily Pebbles videos on Youtube and fell in love with the concept. I spoke to my auntie and she had already been bullet journalling for a while and shared her tips and where I could buy the essentials. I fell in love with creative outlet it gave me, I was able to design my layouts and be proud of what I had created. I have used a variety of different planners and journals, bullet journals are definitely the ones that not only make me the most productive but the ones that bring me the most joy. If you want to read about my old bullet journal you can see the post here. I thought I would share some of the pros and cons, so if you are undecided about whether it is for you, hopefully this post can help you.  Read More

25 Ways You Can Use Washi Tape

If you are a fellow stationery lover, then I am sure you are also a lover of washi tapes. There are SO many different designs, colours and sizes. I have so far around 50/60 different tapes, no I am not ashamed and yes I am always looking to buy more ha ha! I get asked questions on my blog and social media about what you can use washi tape for, so I thought I would share a list of 25 ways you can use your tapes.

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Card Swap with LenasNotebook

When I was sent the Stampin’ Up! set at Easter to make cards, I enjoyed making the cards so much. If you would like to see the set I was gifted or the designs I made you can see them here. After making these cards I wanted to participate in a card swap, Lena expressed an interest when I posted on Twitter and we arranged to send each other 3 cards. I was so excited for this to be creative and hopefully make Lena smile. Read More

[GIFTED] Brush Lettering Ft. Keikaimono

I love brush lettering it is so beautiful and there is so much inspiration on Pinterest. It makes me want to practise more and buy all the different coloured brush pens that I can, yes that is the slight stationery addict within me saying this haha! I was contacted by the lovely sisters at Keikaimono about collaborating with them on their brush pens and I was so excited. Stationery is a big passion of mine and I could try new coloured brush pens yayy!

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Scrapbooking memories & 12 creative ways you can use your scrapbook

I love collecting mementos, I have always kept hold of special birthday cards, tickets and receipts for special days ever since I was young. I love being able to look back at memories and remembering the feelings of happiness and joy.

To keep all the beautiful mementos I decided I would start scrapbooking these to keep them safe and I have a place to store them all. I enjoy scrapbooking as I find it such a relaxing activity, it also allows me to be creative. It also means I can dig out my pritt stick and any excuse to use washi tape haha!

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Notebook review ft Rachael Hope

I hope you enjoyed my Stationery Week posts, the beautiful stationery continues with these gorgeous additions from Rachael Hope. Rachael Hope is a UK based freelancer, artist and blogger. She loves all things design, social media and content creation. Rachael gained a BA Hons in Illustration from Hull School of Art and Design in 2014. Her art is expressive, abstract and very colourful. Rachael also shares her blogging and social media tips. For stationery week Rachael hosted a giveaway for a chance to win 3 of her notebook designs and I won. I never win anything haha, so I was very surprised. I mean who doesn’t like winning notebooks?

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Happy Stationery Week! It is the last day of Stationery Week, so sad. But definitely doesn’t mean the end of stationery on this blog haha! Today is send a letter day and I thought I would put my own little twist on this day. I decided to send little letters in card form to some lovely bloggers.

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GIFTED| Say Nice Things Stationery Review

Happy Stationery Week! I can’t believe it is near the end, it has been so much fun being extra creative and sharing everything stationery! I have loved working with such amazing brands and Say Nice Things Stationery holds a special place in my heart. When I first started blogging they were the first stationery brand that I had the opportunity and pleasure of working with, if you want to read my first post you can read it here.

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