GIFTED |Card making with Stampin’ Up!

I came across a tweet requesting bloggers to work with Stampin’ Up!¬†As you know I love anything and everything to do with stationery, so this was the perfect collaboration for me. Stampin’ Up! is an international crafting company who specialise in stamps and paper crafts. They have so many lovely products. I was sent the You’re Inspiring” stamp set which has all the tools I needed to make Easter and Spring related greeting cards.

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Writing quotes with Brush Lettering

I can sit for a long time watching brush lettering or any lettering videos on youtube to be honest. I love to create and be creative, I try and practise my lettering and designs when I can. I love how beautiful brush lettering and calligraphy looks. I will learn to make them look amazing and be able to do it with ease. I am still learning but I thought I would share my progress so far. I thought I would show you by writing some lovely quotes.

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5 study tips I find useful

I have always loved studying and learning new things. Recently, I have started a qualification through my workplace and I am loving being a student again. I am surprised how easily I have reverted back to that work and revising mind set. Different to when I was younger I am not just studying, I am working and I am also trying to fit in family friends and blogging. Trying to find the balance can be tricky, but after 3 months of studying so far I think I have been finding the right balance between it all. I thought I would share some useful tips I have been using to help me be as productive and successful as I can.

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My Happy Planner

Anyone who knows me or has read my blog knows I LOVE stationery. Notebooks, planners and pens are some of my favourite things to shop for. I had seen the Happy Planner on social media and then a colleague at work showed me her Happy Planner. It was so pretty and I was completely sold! I knew I wanted needed one! I love the feeling of a fresh new year and the feeling of hope to be organised and prepared. These planners are definitely a way to help me do that. I thought I would share with you the features and benefits of using this planner. If you are looking for a planner I would highly recommend the Happy Planner.

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