6 Blogging Investments Worth The Money

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Photo by Jodie Cook on Unsplash There are so many blogging investments that feature online and one of the biggest blogging mistakes is to invest in everything that you are told is great to start building a successful blog.

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8 Ugly Truths About Blogging

A woman sat in bed on a laptop at night time in a dark room

Photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash Don’t you just love a good old rant? I mean it is good for the soul, letting out all your frustration and it makes you feel better.

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11 Time Management Tips For Bloggers

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Photo by No Revisions on Unsplash Blogging can be very time consuming with all the tasks you have to do regularly to keep your blog running and growing. So, knowing how to spend your time productively can improve your stress, so that blogging is much more enjoyable.

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5 Easy Ways To Become A Consistent Blogger

A person wearing a watch is typing on a laptop at a desk. The desk has a reusable cup next the laptop. The desk is placed near a window.

Photo by Major Tom Agency on Unsplash Running a blog is fun and a creative outlet for so many people, but it also teaches you so many new skills that can be transferred to another workplace.

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8 Steps To Take Your Blog To The Next Level

A table outside with a silver laptop on the table with a mug of tea and a phone next to the laptop

Photo by Georgia De Lotz on Unsplash Have you been blogging for a while, but looking at taking your blog to the next level? Whether you are a hobby blogger, or you have been trying to create a business with your blog, there are small steps you can follow that will help you to take […]

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7 Marketable Blogging Skills To Use On Your CV

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I started blogging in 2017. Yes I has some experience in social media but my blogging skills were not the best. They say practise makes perfect. I have certainly learned a lot and is an industry that keeps on teaching.

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7 Blogs To Check Out In June

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A new month means new advertisers’ post showcasing some great bloggers and creators. We are now half way through 2021 already! Anyone else just blinked and missed the first half?

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5 Tips To Stay Consistent With Your Blogging Schedule

A white table with a white laptop and a white mouse. An open notebook with a pen resting on top. The desk has pens, pen pots and notebooks dotted around the desk.

When I first started blogging, I did not have a schedule. Looking back now, I cringe at how badly I was running my blog. I would post when I had content, which if you are trying to grow your audience, is not the way to go about it.

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9 Productivity Tips All Bloggers Need To Get Things Done

A woman typing on a macbook pro keyboard. White desk with pink flowers and a notebook, pen, scissors and gold paper clips.

Photo by Floral Deco Blogging is a full time job whether you are a hobby blogger or blogging to make a career. There are so many elements to blogging and it is important that you are productive to work to deadlines. If you want to make your blog your career, it is important that you […]

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6 Blogging Pet Peeves That Will Leave You Feeling Frustrated

A macbook is on a bed that has a pink blanket over the duvet cover, 4 pillows and flowers in the background. There is a pair of hands on the laptop. There is also an iPhone and a pair of glasses next to the laptop.

Photo by Marta Filipczyk on Unsplash Blogging is a fantastic, creative outlet that can offer you so many features, opportunities for you to learn and the chance to build a brand and business. I have been blogging for nearly 4 years now and I have seen the blogging community change and the opportunities grow.

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