Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

There is no right or wrong way of blogging, it is an individual journey, however there are certain blogging mishaps you will want to avoid making. I have been blogging for over 2 years and have seen these be visible within the blogging community. I thought I would shed some light on these mishaps, if you are new to blogging you are definitely going to want to avoid making these mistakes. There is still so much I am learning from my blogging journey and looking forward to learning more.

Here are 6 mistakes you shouldn’t make:

#1 Not declaring when you have posted content that is sponsored or gifted

Declaring if your content is sponsored, if you were gifted a product/service, or if you are paid for your thoughts, is an important aspect of blogging. You want to be authentic, it’s what makes you relatable and if you are using your blog as a business, you want to build a positive reputation.

#2 Not proofreading your content before you post

Proofreading your writing before you publish is so important, it allows you to pick up on any mistakes or misspelling you may have missed. You can’t expect others to read your posts, if you are not even prepared to proofread your writing.

#3 Copying content

This is the biggest no no! Every blogger works so hard on their content and to have an individual copy your content whether that is all of it or a parts of your blog post. It is wrong! If you like a tag or an idea that you want to share your own thoughts on, make sure you give credit to the original creator.


#4 Putting quantity over quality

There is a myth that putting loads of blog posts a week means you will have higher blog views, this is not necessarily the case. You have to post quality content that is well written and that your audience can engage with and relate too. Self promotion is a huge part of building your audience.

#5 Not leaving genuine comments

When you read other people’s blog posts and commit to commenting, you should leave genuine or constructive comments. Leaving two or three word comments are usually seen as not genuine. Writing thoughtful and helpful comments shows other bloggers that  you are supportive and you will start building a supportive audience.

#6 Getting caught up in online disagreements

Not everyone gets on with everyone, that is life and that is no different to the online community. Online disagreements happen and other people get involved. Things you say are a reflection on yourself. Try to stay neutral. Again, if your blog is a business you need to protect your own reputation.

These are just a few things you need to think about when you are blogging. Of course everyone makes mistakes but its important you learn and grow from them. Are there any blogging mishaps or mistakes you feel bloggers should be avoiding? I’d love to hear in the comments.