6 ways to a self-care Sunday |

When I was younger although I would participate in self-care activities, I didn’t really understand the importance of practising these regularly. I would say in the past year I have ensured I take time to show myself, care and self love. Self-care activities are such a useful tool especially when I am suffering badly with my anxiety. I make a point on Sundays of making me take some “me” time.

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It’s Blogmas: Self-care and cosy nights in

During the winter, I love cosy nights. I love cosy nights in anyway, but its always something much more satisfying when it is cold and dark outside. Its important like any time of year that you take time to look after yourself and show yourself some love.

I thought that I would share some of the things I usually I do and have when I have a cosy night in and other ways to show self-care. Its important to remember yourself, people get so busy with the day-to-day tasks or looking after others. So sometimes its easy to forget to put yourself first. Can you remember the last thing you did that was just for you?

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