5 Unhealthy Mindsets That Are Holding You Back From Happiness And Success

A planner open with a cover page. The cover page says “Be so good they can’t ignore you” in black cursive ink.

Photo by Andrijana Bozic on Unsplash Do you find it hard to think positively and challenge negative thoughts? You are not the only one and this is a far more common problem than people think and affects many of us, but you can alter your mindset.

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10 Positive Habits That Will Change Your Life

A dark wooden table on top of the table is a grey notebook that says My Life Journal in white lettering, a pair of black sunglasses. Next to the sunglasses is a coffee with leaf art and a biscuit and a faux plant stood next to the mug.

Photo by Prophsee Journals on Unsplash Positive habits to me are habits you are practising that have a valuable affect on your physical or mental health. You can have positive and toxic habits that can impact your life and help boost or stop you from succeeding. You can track positive habits with habit trackers to […]

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