April Bullet Journal Set Up

Start of Spring and we are all having to spend most of our time indoors. I hope you are all keeping safe and healthy. This bullet journal set up is going to be a bit different.

Apart from going to work, I will be at home and so certain pages I usually have in my monthly set ups I have decided to not include for the month of April. I will not be including a mood tracker, because for the most part I think I will probably be feeling anxious and I do not think that is an effective use of space. I also have left out a sleep log because I don’t know about you, but my sleeping pattern is all over the place at the moment.

I have decided to have a basic set up that is going to be the most productive and effective for April.

Front Cover

I decided to have a floral style theme, just to bring a bit of colour for April as we are now in Spring. I have used a basic layout for this months set up as I am isolating. I used my Crayola Supertips to add colour and my washi tapes from Wilko. I love the different shades of green.


Habit Tracker

I kept my habit tracker very basic because for the most part I am going to be indoors and a lot of previous habits will not apply. I kept the habits that are going to be the most relevant for the month. I added a similar doodle to the front cover, so both pages would flow together.


Blog Statistics 

I wanted to include this because this month is National Stationery Week. I want to be able to reflect my views compared to last years Stationery Week.  If you want to read any of my posts from last years Stationery Week, enjoy! Make sure you check out my blog for this years stationery filled content as I have a giveaway happening too. Make sure you are following my Twitter and Instagram to stay updated.


Instagram Plan

I wanted to continue to use this because again this month is busy for Stationery Week content. Since I started my new account after being hacked, I have been posting consistently everyday and my engagement is so much better than before. Using this plan has helped me plan out my content and being consistent so much easier. I am loving my feed and really enjoying using the platform. You can follow my new Instagram account.


April Task List

I found this page really useful in my bullet journal, being able to write down all the tasks I want to achieve that month. I then refer to this page when I filling in my planner for tasks for the week. I have filled in some tasks so far, this helps me stay organised. Plus there is always something so satisfying about checking something completed off a list.

A April task list with bullet points decorated with green and gold washi tape.

What are you looking forward to this April? I’d love to hear in the comments.

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