5 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

May 30th is National Creativity Day and being a creative and lifestyle blogger, I couldn’t not acknowledge this day now could I? I think that it is a common misconception that people in the creative industry, are constantly full of inspiration and have so many different ideas. This is NOT the case!

If you are constantly agonising about coming up with ideas or a creative solution, it is very unlikely it is going to come to you. So instead of trying to increase your focus try these 5 ways to boost your creativity. Coming back to the drawing board refreshed and motivated.

1. Create the right environment

This sounds silly, but this really works! Having the right environment can motivate you. You should make sure your workspace is tidy as that helps keep your mind clear and you are able to focus on the task at hand rather than the clutter around you.

Sometimes your regular workspace may not be working for you, so you should try working in a different area. I was recently writing a blog post and I couldn’t focus, the room was too warm, so I took my notebook and pen outside in the cool breeze. That change in workspace allowed me to finish my post and I definitely felt more motivated.

A desk set up with an iMac and plants

Photo by Jessica Arends on Unsplash

2. Get moving

Instead of staring blankly at your notebook or computer screen hoping for ideas to come to you, walk away from it and do an activity that gets you moving. Whether that activity is a walk outside, a home workout or even putting the hoover around. Clearing your mind and focusing on another task can help motivate you.

Woodland walk trail enclosed by trees in the sun
A beautiful view on one of my daily walks

I have found that going on regular daily walks that I feel a lot more organised and motivated with ideas for blog posts and Instagram content. I feel a lot more creative and a lot more ideas for photographs come to me as I am inspired by the scenery. As well as getting to enjoy all this beautiful sunshine!

3. Disconnect from social media

Social media is saturated with people putting out so much amazing content however, if you are struggling for inspiration that can create more pressure for yourself. Instead of inspiring you it could overwhelm you. Having a social media detox is so beneficial for everyones’ mental health, as well as allowing you to relax.

I have been guilty of being on social media consistently as a blogger it is of course part of the journey. BUT I have started to allocate times during the week where I am to stay off social media to give myself a break. I am really loving it and I definitely recommend it.

A planner spread using planner stickers
Planner set up for this week

4. Do something you love

When you do an activity you love or spend time with loved ones you are not focused on the tasks you may have lost your inspiration to complete. Doing something that you love helps spark that passion and inspiration and you take that mindset back to that task you need to complete. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and take that time to have a break.

Planner and stationery washi tape and stickers
My planner and stationery supplies for a planner set up

5. Always have somewhere to make notes

This could be with a notebook and pen or even just the notes section on your phone, being able to make note of ideas when they do come to you and you don’t forget. Writing down thoughts, things you see when you are out that you like or even memories. These notes may not spark any creativity at first but when you come back to your list, your thoughts or what you have experienced can inspire a different idea.

I like to make notes in my notebook when I have ideas. I can then refer back to the list to see if I am inspired to write about the topics I have noted. No idea is a bad idea, write it down!

A list of blog post ideas in a lined notebook
A list of recent blog ideas

These are just 5 simple ways you can help boost your creativity and ever if you are not struggling with ideas, these are great tips to help you take a break, stop you from burning out and stop you from running out of blog post ideas.

How do you boost your creativity if you are struggling? I’d love to hear in the comments.

141 thoughts on “5 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

  1. Great ideas! I always make sure I’ve got a notebook with me… I actually use a traveller’s notebook as my purse (with sections for my money, receipts etc and a notebook or two in the back).

    I’ve also taken to sitting in the garden writing letters when it’s a nice day.

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  2. Yep – I use all of these and find that I rarely lack for ideas or energy. If I can’t find the words to write, I paint or go for a run – it comes to me. My main problem is focusing on just one thing. But I’m learning.

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  3. Some really good tips here! I’ve been struggling at the minute given the whole lockdown thing but I definitely find going on walks really helps because I come back with a completely clear head! I’m so bad for remembering to write down ideas when they come to me though haha!

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  4. Oh dear, I completely missed National Creativity Day last week, ooops! But I’m loving all your ideas, Lauren. The notebook is a great one – I have a paper list and I’ve started using Trello too because I can keep it on my phone as well as my laptop. And I definitely agree with getting up and out for a walk or change of scenery. Sometimes just not thinking about whatever you’re wrestling with is the best way! Lisa xxx

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  5. Fabulous post and so well written! I’ve actually taken away some really helpful advice from this as I now work from home and really struggle to be creative in my work.

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  6. I’m not sure if my previous comment submitted! But I did enjoy this post, so well written and informative. I work from home now and struggle with creativity in my work.


  7. I absolutely love what you do here, you provide some fantastic tips that can help to keep yourself occupied through lockdown and even normal life, it’s better to do something like that rather than sitting around thinking what to do. Great post 😁

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  8. Writing notes helps so much! I always write all of my ideas and find it really helpful when I’m struggling. I agree with the right environment too, if you’re in the right space it happens so much more easily. And switching off from social media is a must to stay in the zone too x


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  9. I love the new look of your blog! Like you said disconnecting from social media helps a lot with creativity! I feel like talking to friends/family help too, because sometimes you’ll have a conversation, and come up with an idea. I also feel like reading helps a lot too! I just feel like living life in general helps free up that writer’s block! I don’t know if it’s just me, but I tend to get a lot of ideas as I lay in bed before going to bed! Great post Lauren xx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

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  10. I absolutely agree with all your points. I sometimes avoid social media and it reduces my stress. I love the idea of sitting somewhere else and working. Walking is still not possible in our place, though things are opening we are trying to avoid going out. Lovely post Lauren.:-)

    Via | https://glossnglitters.com


  11. Hey there! Long time no talk. It’s been awhile since I’ve left ya a comment. Thanks for these helpful tips. I am so bad about some of these. I’m learning to balance social media time. I also LOVE all your stationary/planning supplies.

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  12. Creating the right environment is everything. In the last few months, I’ve totally revamped my office, and now it’s my favorite place to be! It has totally boosted my creativity. Also, taking moments to go for a walk or have a random middle-of-the-day dance party, or even just run to another room for a drink of water can be SO helpful! Love these tips with all my heart!

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