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Let’s start with a familiar phrase… “put your money where your mouth is”. At first this may sound a little crass, however, when you really evaluate the service, you’re getting against what you’re paying…could you be getting more bang for your buck?

When it comes down to website development, this phrase rings true against the notion that a cheaper deal means you’re getting the same quality of service as your competitor who spent an extra XYZ amount of money. Lack of results from your website comes down to whether the web developer you have trusted is making your website the best it can be.

Let’s see which boxes they should be checking, if you’re really getting what you paid for.

Quick Off the Mark

Though on paper it doesn’t seem toooo bad, if your users are waiting longer than 5 seconds for your website to load, they’re going to hit that exit button, don’t even doubt it, they’re leaving you in the dust and heading straight to your competitor.

A fairly common issue that you should have had fixed years ago. Google is now the dictator of what makes a good website and where it’ll rank your website overall based on numerous factors.

Professional website developers know that punctual websites rank a lot higher in the online search results. Should you website be running slow, you need to know that you can trust you web developer to assess the problem and make the relevant changes to overcome fundamental issue and conquer your website loading speed.


Every web developer knows that responsive web design is the best way to secure that 82% of business which would otherwise be unattainable without a mobile-ready website.

Users are conducting more transactions via mobile than ever before. From spontaneous purchases, sale spotting and well thought out birthday gifts – where there’s a mob-like presence, there’s a potential sale. Business owners can no longer rely solely on users logging onto their site via their laptops and desktops, because that just wouldn’t be the modern way of life.

Capture Their Attention

Any web developer can create a masterpiece of code which will animate your website in ways you never thought of, but is there too much going on?

You heard correctly. There is such a thing as an overactive website, so it’s important your web developer strikes the balance between TMI and lacking detail.

Thoroughly examining your content, perhaps using a third-party audience will offer a fresh perspective on how your website actually appears to an outsider. Don’t forget to examine your social media platforms for errors and mass amounts of text – social should keep your message short and sweet.

If your website seems to be decades away from being perfect, it might be because your web designer is lacking the recent knowledge that Stockport website design agencies utilise when creating a perfectly balanced responsive website.

When your desire to become a major player in the online trading game feels like it’s bubbling over, you know it’s time to start fresh or rejuvenate you existing website with professional website development.

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  1. I have never hired a website developer, but I love reading this as a way to educate myself about what I should be looking for and having done in the event I do need a developer one day. 🙂

  2. Website speed is so key these days. It’s one of the top SEO strategies that will help you rank higher in Google. Very interesting post, thank you for sharing, Lauren 🙂

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