Decorating my bedroom & London Skyline

Over the past month I have been redecorating my bedroom, had new carpet fitted and a fresh lick of paint on the walls. I still have my new desk to order which I am far too excited about. So when the lovely people at Photowall contacted me and offered me a free print from their collection, I jumped at the chance. I have no art on my walls at the moment. On visiting their website and seeing the London Skyline canvas, I fell in love. I love London and loved that it was colourful, a great statement piece for my bedroom.

Photowall are a Swedish company, that produce environmentally friendly wall murals and canvas prints with a range of designs. The canvas prints are made from a 100% cotton (how cool!) and come with or without a DIY 29mm thick frame (I recommend getting their frames). They even give you the option to upload your own image and have it as a print, which is an amazing way to display your own photography.

I ordered my canvas and it came quicker than I expected, especially considering it had travelled all the way from Sweden. The print came rolled up with the frame in the box separately, which kept my print from being damaged. Not going to lie, when I clicked yes to a DIY frame, I was a bit apprehensive, but I never needed to worry. It comes with a set of instructions which are clear and have diagrams. They also have an online guide which you can find here.

You must place the canvas print face down, make sure you have a clean floor (you don’t want anything ruining your beautiful new print). The frame comes with adhesive sides, all you have to do is peel off the seal and press down.

Face down on a clean flat surface.


Peel off the seal and press down each of the sides.

The corners of the canvas are already cut. Like the sides of the frame, you peel off the seal and press over each end of the frame. Once you have repeated for all sides of your canvas, you push all sides inwards, which joins the frame together. You then attach the bracket to the frame (which already has the holes made for you) with the screws provided. The whole process took no longer than 5 minutes. I did have my brother on hand in case I got stuck ha ha, but I found it so easy.

Once you have folded all sides inwards, you can attach the brackets with the screws. So simple!

I currently have my print above my bed, it brings a pop of colour, as my bedroom is black and white monochrome and felt it needed some colour. Not sure if I will keep it there or place it above my desk when it arrives. Watch this space! I went for the 100cm x 100cm sized print.

So this is where I have the print currently hanging, nicely photobombed by my cat Cookie. 


I love this print so much!


If you want to purchase some art from Photowall, you can use the discount code BournemouthgirlCampaign2018 for 20% off of your order. The code is valid until 25th February 2018.

I want to say a big thank you to Photowall for sending me the canvas, it is beautiful and I love it. If any of you lovely people purchase art from them, make sure you comment and let me know which print you chose.












98 thoughts on “Decorating my bedroom & London Skyline

      1. It’s only – the best cup of tea you will ever have! A South African thing, if you’re ever amidst the likes. I wish a could recommend a spot in London for you to try it, I’m sure there is a place, but I haven’t arrived in London yet. I’m in the UAE for now. Let me know if you ever do find one?

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  1. Love the wall art you selected. The London Skyline is always stunning and the colors add so much fun. I always love the colorful wall pieces. This added so much glamor to your white wall. Love it 🙂

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  2. That print is so pretty — I love things like that. I need to decorate my apartment, I lived here for over a year. This is such a great idea for a wall that I have that’s blank!

    Great post! x


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  3. That is so pretty! ❤ ❤ The skyline looks amazing and the colorful splashes on a white background is so cool 😀 Photowall does sound like a good service when it comes to such picturesque DIYs.

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