February Bullet Journal Set Up

February bullet journal cover page with 3 hearts and washi tape

It’s that time again where I design and share my bullet journal set up with you for the brand new month ahead. There were certain aspects of my January set up I wanted to recreate for the month of February.

With Valentines Day in February, I thought I would have a love and heart theme for some aspects of my bullet journal pages. For this set up I used washi tapes from Punky Pins, that I was gifted previously, future color brush tips pens and Uni-ball fine liner in black.

Front Cover

I went for a simple front cover design. I used my brush tip pens for drop shadows on each of the letters of the month. I layered some washi tape to add texture and colour to the page.


Quote Page

I thought in this months spread I would centre my quote around Love. “Love yourself first” I think this is an important message. Self-love is so important and gives you a very different mindset of how you see yourself. I used the same colours throughout the spread.


Habit Tracker

I loved the layout of this habit tracker from last month, so I decided to use the same layout. I have added more habits to track this month also. I kept this page monochrome, as I love the clean look it gives. This layout works well for me, but I am going to experiment with different layouts in the upcoming months.


Mood Tracker

I stuck with the heart theme and doodled different shaped and sized hearts. Last month I restricted myself with moods and emotions, so this month I decided to add a lot more variation to get accurate moods each day. I also decided to go with different patterns for the key rather than block colours. I don’t know if I may have over complicated it, we shall see. It is all about trial and error.


A month at a glance

This is something new I am using in my monthly spreads. However, this month is a fairly busy one for me, with my birthday. Having the whole month written down will help me keep track and not double book myself. To decorate this page, I used my days of the week washi tape. I love how it looks and I think it works so well. I filled some of the spaces, but planning my month out, so will fill this page as I go.


February Blog Statistics

Again, I didn’t include this page in January like in my 2019 bullet journal. However, I have brought it back. I have seen huge progress in my blog statistics and I want to record my progress for me to look back on. It will also help to see any patterns in my statistics. I used my measuring tape washi as I thought that tied in quite well with the page idea.


Instagram Plan

This page idea comes from Beth, who has an amazing bullet journal Instagram page, which you definitely need to check it out! Thank you Beth for this awesome idea. I am rubbish with keeping up with Instagram, knowing what to post and when I should post, so I am hoping coming up with a schedule and planning out my content for the month is going to help me build my Instagram. So this week I am going to allocate some time to plan my Instagram content.


What are you looking forward to this February? I’d love to hear in the comments.


100 thoughts on “February Bullet Journal Set Up

  1. I love your bullet journals! It’s such a creative and fun way of staying organised. I really want to give it a go but with my lack of artistic talent I feel as though I’ll only get frustrated 😆xx

  2. I’ve never used a bullet tracker before but it would be so useful! I’m loving your love theme for the month ❤️

  3. February is fitting to be patterned with hearts! Looking through your journals is like having spreadsheets on hand for reach month.
    You share a birthday with your father! How special is that?

  4. I love the habit tracker page. I’ve been thinking about starting one of those. So this gave me a good idea for a layout. Thanks!

  5. I love your layout. Everything is so perfectly laid out. I’ve been meaning to get back into bullet journaling but keep putting it off. I should grab my bullet journal and start figuring out what layout I want to go with. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. To he honest i dont gave an instagram plan either. I just wing it, I generally post pictures from my latest blog posts, but thats as far as it goes. I should really have a better plan.

    I need to get more organized.

    I have planner at work and at home, but im afraid I dont use it as much as I should. I will try more though.

  7. Oh this makes me wanna start bullet journaling again! These are some amazing spread ideas! Great for keeping on track with blogging and networking!
    Lovely post x

  8. Love your bullet journal – I read the book on how to by the original bullet journal creator – I incorporate a lot of his suggestions but have to admit – I’m no where near as artistic as you with my jottings

  9. I loved this post! I don’t have a bullet journal but I would absolutely love to start one. I love they way you’ve set it out and the things that you are going to include! Thanks for sharing! X

  10. I look forward to these posts each month, I still have not had time to get my teeth in to mine but I really want to make some time. Even just for the monthly trackers as I think they would keep me on track with my weight loss x

    1. Definitely start of small and use them for that and as you have more time you can use it for more if you want! I hope you get to have some time to set up with the trackers x

  11. I love the way you did the mood tracker! So cool. I don’t have the patience for bullet journaling, but I love seeing the creative ways people come up with to stay organised!

  12. Wow, this looks great! I’m impressed with how creative you are. I like bullet journals but I don’t have one myself as I know I’d never keep up with it!

  13. I always admire your BuJo spreads and posts, they are so creative. It’s great that you find journalling so helpful, it’s not something that I’ve really tried to do successfully but when things calm down a little I might have another go – good tip about Beth, thank you! x

    1. I still have so much practise! That’s the great thing about them you can progress as you go and learn why works for you. Thank you for reading and your kind comments. Can you link your blog so I can have a read x

  14. This looks great! I also did an Instagram page for my February theme and I’m already finding it helpful in increasing my Insta presence! I love your idea of the little daily snippet to not overbook yourself, I think I’ll have to incorporate it into my March spread 🙂

  15. I love your set up! I don’t have a bullet journal but seeing your set up and watching many bujo YouTube videos this week is slowly converting me. I love your habit tracker page and the love theme for the month, great bullet journal xx


  16. As always a lovely spread for this month! Your mood tracker is very similar to mine too, February just has to be hearts! I also really like your cover page too, it’s so simple but the lettering and the little pops of colour really make it come to life 🙂 x

  17. What a creative idea! This is wonderful!

    You take journaling to another level, nicely done.
    I love yo talk about ways to get the most out of journaling.

    Thanks for sharing!

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