Top tips for promoting your blog

Are you struggling to promote your blog? Are you wondering how you can boost your blog traffic? There is no miracle way, it takes time and effort that you need to be willing to put in. Unfortunately it is not as simple as clicking publish to bring readers to your blog.

I have been blogging for over 2 1/2 years and I have definitely learned what methods work in boosting engagement. Of course, I am still learning, but within the last year I have changed how I promote my blog and my statistics reflect that.

I have put together a list of methods I use for marketing my blog and my posts. There is not just one method and not just posting one social platform that works, you have to use multiple methods to be effective. If you are struggling with your blog engagement, I have shared a list of reasons why that could be.

Photo from Unsplash by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production

Interlink in your blog posts

Linking previous content that relates to the post you are writing, can help boost your traffic and help your audience find other relevant information they may need. This can also help with DA and SEO. It is also one of the easiest ways to promote your other content. I find this helpful when I am reading other bloggers content and I can read other content they have created with a similar theme.

Utilise social media bios

In all your social media platforms you have a bio and an option to display a website. Making sure you have your blog visible, makes it easier for your audience to find your content. It also helps if brands are wanting to do some research and reach out to you. If you want to follow me on my social platforms, I am always looking to follow more bloggers and content creators. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest.


Post a link to your latest post

When you have published a blog post, you should post a link to your social media platforms like Twitter for example. I always pin my latest post to my Twitter feed also. It allows your social media followers find your latest post with ease and notifies them when you have posted. You should always post promotional tweets for that blog post. I tend to post a promotional tweet every 1-2 hours to be effective and reach a wider audience.

Use hashtags when promoting blog posts on Twitter

When you post a link promoting your blog post, there are hashtags you can include and they will retweet your links. I have found my posts definitely reach a wider audience when I do this. The hashtags and accounts you should utilise are: #BloggersHutRT @BloggersHutRT @sotonbloggers #BloggersTribe #TheClqRT #Teacupclub @Ourblogginglife 


Engage in comment threads

There are regular comment threads that happen on Twitter, where you can link your latest post and other people comment and share your content. You can then engage with other peoples’ content. These threads are a great way to network with other bloggers and find new followers whilst promoting your content. TeacupClub and BloggersTribe run several comment threads you should engage with!

Use Pinterest

I have recently put a lot of effort into Pinterest and it definitely shows. Researching the best designs and layouts for pins for maximum effect. Using Pinterest is a great tool to increase your blog traffic. If you can you should join Pinterest groups to engage with other bloggers too. Do not be fooled, you do not need to purchase Tailwind, in fact online I have seen other bloggers say they have more engagement when they manually pin. I have jumped from 35K to at this moment 117K by manually pinning. You can check out my Pinterest.


Post consistently

To help with promoting your blog, you need to be posting consistently. This will mean you will have new content to promote on your social media platforms. New content will bring new readers and you can boost your engagement. 2 weeks of promoting the same blog post will be ineffective if you are not using different methods. When you are regularly posting on your blog it also helps build your DA score.


This list is just a few ways that you can promote your blog posts and your blog. If used consistently they can be very successful. To see results, you have to be willing to put these in place and work consistently on these areas. The numbers and engagement will not instantly increase, but they will help build them organically.

What ways do you like to promote your blog posts or your blog? Do you have any tips for new bloggers? I’d love to hear in the comments.


94 thoughts on “Top tips for promoting your blog

  1. These are great tips. I try and schedule my tweets for the week, using hashtags to promote my newest blog post at least once a day. Then add in older posts for a second scheduled tweet a day.
    Comment threads are great too aren’t they (that’s how I’ve come to this post today anyway).
    Thanks for sharing!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

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  2. Posting consistently is a wonderful way to build the content needed to interlink. 🙂
    I love being a part of comment threads not just for the comments but also for the engagement and opportunity to meet new bloggers.
    I will have to keep in mind your tips for making the best out of a social media bio. 🙂

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  3. Great tips! Totally agree that posting consistently is so key. And Pinterest has been a really great tool. It’s a tough time for travel bloggers like myself so really important to work on as many promotional avenues as we can.

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  4. Great tips! I think a lot of newer bloggers overlook the power of internal linking within blog posts. It’s an important step – both to drive traffic to different areas of your blog but also to combat bounce rates (as it keeps people on your blog rather than clicking away). Thanks for sharing.

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  5. Great tips Lauren! I find Pinterest really confusing haha – some days it creates traffic other days it doesn’t! maybe I will use this time to figure it out xx

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  6. I love you for this post! I won’t lie I did have moments where I didn’t like promoting my blog because I didn’t want to sound to robotic. But then I just found ways to talk about the subject of my blog and it made it easy for me to promote it. I also use the treads on twitter and it helped me. I was thinking about using tailwind because I saw so many bloggers talking about it but like you said it seems like you get more pins doing it manually. My profile views jumped from 30k to 50k in a matter of a few weeks by manually pinning. So now that you said that I will not even bother to purchase tailwind. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Definitely do not buy Tailwind! You can do all the work for yourself and save money! Definitely don’t worry about sounding robotic, Twitter is so fast with the feed, so much gets missed! Thank you for reading and commenting!

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      1. You’re welcome 💕 Thank you for the tip. I never thought about it like that. You’re so right. I’m going to keep doing it the old fashion way.

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  7. These are great tips, Lauren! Consistency is such a good point, I’ve found that since I have been posting once a week again, my views are much higher than when I was more random with my schedule. Thank you for sharing those Twitter hashtags too, I never know which ones to use so that’s really helpful. Your Pinterest stats are really impressive, go girl! 🙂 That’s awesome to hear you can be successful just by manually pinning ❤ xxx

    Bexa |

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  8. Yesssss to all of these tips, Lauren. Consistency is key (I’m down to once a week now) and I’m finding it much easier to take part in comment swaps and promos. I’ve been trying to focus more on Pinterest as well recently too. But finding time for everything is a nightmare now, with juggling work and Flora being home from school until, well, basically September, haha! xx

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    1. Bless you! It must be so different and difficult at times to manage everything! I hope it is going well. Such trying and uncertain times. I hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy! Thank you for reading and commenting xx


  9. Great advice! Really liked the tip about tagging relevant blogger groups when I share new posts, I hadn’t thought of that. I’ve also just bought Ell’s Pinterest course so I’m working through that this week 😊

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  10. I’ve been shying away from comment and share threads lately because I don’t see the other contributors reciprocating. But I’m going to try the Teacupclub and see how that goes. Thanks!

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  11. These are some great tips I definitely realised that once I got my main Pinterest board to near 100 pins; the traffic I can get from it was far greater than what I was getting through Twitter… I mean yesterday I posted a pin to Pinterest and got about 20 views on my blog and 10 repins really quickly from that one pin. Doesn’t seem like a lot but… it’s a lot to me at this stage. It’s hard to get into Pinterest because it takes a lot to build up a decent board and join the group boards but it seems like it could be worth it. I’ve realised that certain pin designs make for higher views and I need to write a post about this sometime when I’m sure of the methods… I’ve never heard of TeacupClub so I should check that group out 🙂

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  12. These are some great ways to increase engagement on your blog. I’ve been trying to get better at sharing my blog on Twitter, Instagram, and I’m slowly trying to catch up on uploading to Pinterest. I’ve also been trying to schedule post to share throughout the day but with updating my older post I’ve somewhat been lacking in it.

    Jordan |

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  13. I’ve been blogging for a while, but I tend to struggle more when it comes to promoting my blog. I guess time is the main thing for me, but this post has definitely given me a few more options to try! I have been experimenting with Pinterest, but it’s been difficult to get into a routine to keep my reach numbers up. Blog comment threads also sound like a fun way to engage with other bloggers!

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  14. These are some great tips and they’re so simple to do too. I have a love hate relationship with Pinterest but I’ve definitely found that it’s been improving my traffic. Linking to other blog posts was one of the first things I learned when I started my job in SEO and it’s so beneficial. Thanks for sharing 🙂 x

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