Reflection And Goals Setting for 2019

I cannot believe that we are half way through 2019. This year is flying by and I still have so many things I want to achieve and so many more memories I would like to make. I thought I would share my goals on my blog and by writing them down I am much more likely to hold myself accountable to achieving them.

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Starting A Bullet Journal And My Essentials

I am so excited to be sharing this post because it means I am back to bullet journalling. If you didn’t already know I had been bullet journalling for 2 years and then I came across the Happy Planner (which I wrote about here). I have trialled the planner for several months and at first it worked well, but I began to struggle.

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Summer 2019 Bucket List

It is finally Summer and in the UK we have been having some amazing sunny days, which makes it even better living by the beach. I thought for my first post in July (how is it July already?) I would share my Summer Bucket List for this year. I usually dread Summer, I love the season BUT I never feel comfortable in the clothes. However, I am making a conscious effort to embrace my body and different outfits. So let me share with you the 8 things on my list.

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5 Ways To Fill An Empty Notebook

So notebook hoarding is a very real thing. I have so many pretty notebooks and if you are a stationery lover like me you are probably in the same predicament. I have this week started the Marie Kondo method and so it is a great time to really look at what I have and what sparks joy for me. Just in case you didn’t know I have the first giveaway of stationery over on my Twitter, so if you would like to enter head on over.

If like me, you have so many notebooks and are wondering what you can actually use them for, I am sharing 5 ways you can fill those notebooks.

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National Writing Day: 5 Reasons Why I Love Writing

Today is National Writing Day! Happy Writing Day to you all! Writing has always been a creative outlet for me, whether that was writing in a diary, writing letters or writing stories. As I got older, whenever I struggled with my feelings or my anxiety I would take to paper and write everything down, it is so therapeutic. I thought in honour of this day I would share with you 5 reasons why I love writing.

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5 Creative Ways To Fill Your Bullet Journal Pages

Sometimes I have empty pages in my bullet journal and there is no such thing as a wasted page in a bullet journal. Have you got empty pages and no ideas on how you can fill them? If so, this post is for you. I am going to share 5 creative ways you can fill your empty bullet journal pages.

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Pro And Cons To Bullet Journalling

I first learned about bullet journalling when I was watching Lily Pebbles videos on Youtube and fell in love with the concept. I spoke to my auntie and she had already been bullet journalling for a while and shared her tips and where I could buy the essentials. I fell in love with creative outlet it gave me, I was able to design my layouts and be proud of what I had created. I have used a variety of different planners and journals, bullet journals are definitely the ones that not only make me the most productive but the ones that bring me the most joy. If you want to read about my old bullet journal you can see the post here.Β I thought I would share some of the pros and cons, so if you are undecided about whether it is for you, hopefully this post can help you.Β  Continue reading “Pro And Cons To Bullet Journalling”